Monday, December 15, 2008

go google yourself!

so I totally am stealing this game from MM, it's pretty fun for those of you that are a little narcissistic.... you know who you are.

go to google and type in: your name needs (for example, I typed Jennifer needs). so here are my top 7, leave me a comment as to YOUR NEEDS!

1. a smack daddy (I guess this is Dave's new nick name?)

2. to play by the rules
3. a smack daddy (seriously it said it AGAIN)

4. to give birth in the next week

5. help (heckyes i do)

6. a mortician (EWWW, you can't even make this stuff up! turns out I can get hooked up with one through Costco.... good to know)

7. a cold shower


Brittany Kristin Calkins said...

Brittany needs her black book now

Brittany needs to have consistent mental and physical entertainment

Brittany needs to know who is boss in the partnership early on in life

Brittany needs her self confidence back

Brittany needs braces

Brittany needs daily brushing of the hair coat to keep it free of burrs and tangles after hunting or roughhousing

Brittany needs some space to be a dog

hahaha I guess I am just a dog!

Melissa M. said...

Ha ha, I love the mortician one, and it is good to know about Costco...
I saw this on some other blogs, but I didn't give any credit to them, so yes, it's all MY great idea!

Becky said...


Becky needs:
- a home
- a little taste on Flickr
- an exorcism
- a co-host
- to listen to Kareem Abdul Jabbar
- to GO
- help and/or advice (mostly just help if you ask me)

Aprilyn said...

Apparently I need a new name because it didn't work for Aprilyn.