Tuesday, April 14, 2009

long time no blog

(nie nie 2008 inspired Easter hat)
Prince Harry may be a week younger than Princess Charley, but I think he can hold his own!

This was our Saturday big girl date night, we had a blast coloring eggs and eating snacks!
Jocie told us this week that she wanted to be a baby. I think she is feeling a little neglected. We had a great date night and she was the star!!!

we are alive, and well. just busy.... the kids have done so many cute things and heaven knows I haven't stopped to document much. In the last month Prince Harry has sat up by himself, started scooting, pulling himself up on everything (the more unsteady the better), and now crawling-everywhere!

that will be my excuse for being a lousy blogger.
ps. Jocie just found out that she is enrolled for preschool next year. Now ALL SHE CAN TALK about is turning 4!


Janie said...

miss ya in the blog world but I totally understand!

WendyB said...

Beautiful family!

Rhonda said...

You KNOW the Princess is not alowed to be photographed without her crown (headband) now her receding hairline in on the net! She's mortified. She won't stop crying. I'm sure that's why. JoJo's such a big girl now, and you are a nice Mommy to let her use real dye and real eggs.

Becky said...

(gasp) YAY, you're back! Prince Harry is more advanced than my little princess. She goes backwards and in circles, but doesn't crawl. No teeth yet, either. Good times. Loves me some EXTENDED TEETHING. Sheesh.

E. Kempton said...

nice to hear from you again. How exciting that Jocie will be going to pre-school. Where are you sending her??