Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween was scary!

I may be biased, but holy moly my kids are ADORABLE!  now if only they acted as adorable as they looked, we'd be made in the shade!

Jocie has been melting down at every step of the way lately and there have been some "hard lessons" to go along with it.  Long long story short, she chose to not go trick or treating the night before Halloween with a different choice.  She knew it was her decision, so although we handed out candy and visited friends, she was not aloud to take any candy (I am now known as the mean mom by our neighborhood and several others), but surprisingly she was ok with it.  She made up a song and dance while shaking boxes of nerd candy, so I don't think she's as scarred as others may have thought!

I don't know how it happened but about 2 months ago Harrison woke up as a boy.  A full fledged cup throwing, car rolling, book killing, mess making BOY!  Don't get me wrong, it's everything I hoped for, it's just that he is cutting about 5 teeth right now and he is a little irritated and moody on top of the whole boy thing!  He is such a joy (when he's on motrin or tylenol) and we love his little guts!
We hope you all had a great halloween!

*pics by Kate at Red Feather.... at her front door, in the dark, with a bird on her head... she's got talent!

how did I almost forget Jojo's preschool party pics and video?


WendyB said...

Unbelievably cute kids! I'll be doing a post this week on my fabulous Ghostbusters dress. Been thinking of you!

✩Molly✩ said...

Hey Jen, I stopped by the shop today, only to find out you don't work on Fridays... and left you a little present. I hope you like it! :) Jocie is the most Beautiful Pocahontus (sp?) I have ever seen! I love the lipstick, too cute for words!