Thursday, July 5, 2007

the party train is still a chuggin

we knew that we wouldn't be able to spend quality time with Dad on Jojo's actual b-day, so we invited some family and friends to have dinner with us on Sunday. Dave chose Organ Stop Pizza, he's a genius! She loved love loved it! The music took her over and she could do nothing else but give the show her entire attention!

On other news, MARIO ATE FOOD that requires CHEWING! maybe not so much chewing as sucking and pretending, but this is huge! Mario makes me look like an adventurous eater! But once the music started he kept telling B "mommy want some", so ok. He worked on it for a good long time, till he actually got a chunk and gagged a little. Either way, this is a big step for our little guy! We had lots of clapping and congratulations, and we were all SOOOOO proud of him! I think it was the highlight of the party!

ps. thanks Jane and William for the adorable dress, I know it shouldn't fit her yet, but we made it work! it was too cute to stay in the closet for long!!!

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