Wednesday, July 4, 2007

jojo's circus

Well it happened, she turned 2.

It's not easy lookin so put together, a lot of work goes into getting ready to be 2. I felt like primping went on forever this morning.

teeth -check
lotion- check

poop- check
nails- check
hair- check
enormous bow- check
bad mood- check
good mood- also check
absolutely no cooperation for pictures - check

At least we started out the day together as a family, Dave had to leave for work at noon, which really bummed him out ( I think A LOT more than he let on) and made us very sad. So what do you do when your all dolled up and miss your dad? Go grocery shopping of course. It was Wednesday so why not grab all the ads and head out! Why? because I'm a dork and it's a 115 degrees and I wanted to hit 3 grocery stores.

Well if you want to show your toddler where the love is on their birthday, take em to the grocery store! At Basha's she got to make a sweet patriot hat that said "Happy Birthday Jocie", she also got a pink balloon and a cookie at the bakery! Basha's is like a one stop party shop! Thanks Eddie and company!

After her cookie lunch and 10 min nap we headed to Grandma and Papa's house for food and water. Jocie loves swimming and had a blast. She is a little too brave which scares me, and like me, can't hear anything anyone is saying if she is thinking hard enough. You never know when a heavy case of thinking will hit (either of us).

My favorite thing about today (and unfortunately it was probably because she was missing her best friend, Dad) was that when she was in need of something, or feeling vulnerable she was soooo sweet and cuddly. I know that isn't a big deal to anyone else, but Dave always gets that, not me, and I sucked up every second of it! It was nice to feel needed.

Unfortunately I was wiped out after 3 grocery store bargain hunting so I let Grandma take all the pics of Jocie, so they are not exactly in my possession yet. Don't worry, like any proud mother of their "extremely gifted" child I will throw them up here when I get em.

Grandma made homemade Oreo ice cream and Aunt Megs made the prettiest butterfly cake with flag wings! They were both amazingly good! Of course Jojo would have NO dinner, rather play. BUT when it came time for a big messy cupcake, she suddenly had an appetite. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

We came home to watch fireworks in our front yard with the neighbors and Rhonda's family. I knew she wouldn't remember them from last year so I was excited to see what she would think. When the first one went off she looked like she had been shot! The look of fear on her face as she ran to me and covered her ears was so sad. She spent most of the time with her head buried in my neck and every now and then would peek. After the peeking became old she wanted to turn around and see what mom was so excited about. By the end she was clapping and yelling at them. What a fun experience.

happy birthday pumpkin! I hope we have terrific 2's!
ps. THANK YOU Aunt Carolyne for the most fabulous red, white and blue dress every! She had many adoring fans today!!


Rhonda said...

She was so cute yesterday, and very happy too. I think you're going to love the "twos"

Kim said...

I don't know, I'm just now liking the two's and it's been a while.

I don't think you could have packed anything else into that day if you tried. It sounds like fun was had by all.