Wednesday, March 26, 2008

off with her tail, and other tortures i wish on the little mermaid

recently the most watched movie in our home (by the 2 year old) has "mysteriously" gone missing!!! yes it has been traumatic, the songs are still being remembered, but every day it gets a little easier. one day at a time right???

growing up i couldn't understand my dad's complete dislike of this movie. i mean it's a disney movie, they would dot every i and cross every t. they wouldn't put in front of children's faces disobedient self centered role models for our children to mimic. they wouldn't have different species try to mate (ok well that one seems to be pretty typical.... kinky disney, very kinky).

then the other day as i'm singing along with the movie for the 1000th time, we get to the part where her father has just discovered and destroyed her cave of contraband and she sings "betcha on land they understand that they DON'T reprimand their daughters"

WHAT???!!! excuse me, go missing for extended amounts of time, have a collection of illegal items, sneak around, go gaga for someone out of your species (aka. non complimenting genitalia) and your parents should say "SURE, good for your, hope you don't die. We are just your stupid parents and we were hoping you would find yourself in a life of misery, carpe diem!"

ok, so my dad was onto something by disliking this beotch! (my words, not his). so i look further into the story. ***go to dad's arch enemy, sign a contract for your soul, try to marry a guy who doesn't know you but will marry YOUR VOICE (??? he is brilliant!) and in the end when you can't come through on the deal you SIGNED, let dad throw himself in harms way and risk the entire kingdom and ocean all because the princess wanted her way.

what a great lesson for kids, go ahead do drugs, marry a cow, drive drunk, get a payday loan at one of those places on the corner. the world is your oyster!!!

i have found i'm not the only one with disdain for this little tart (oh ya, don't get me started on her immodest shell bra!) fellow blogger Yakko Warner wrote this back in 2005. I enjoy his theories on why King Triton is a pathetic father, and why Eric ends up being a bad father and husband. Here i was just focusing on the hussy.

in closing, i wish this guy would have gotten ahold of her in full fish form! mmmmm, deep fried seabratt!


Sarah said...

thank you for ruining one of my favorite disney movies.:D i never looked at it on that level. you're definately right, i just hope my three year-old doesn't catch on. often she asks me "mom, why is ariel's dad mean?" i find myself saying he's not mean, he's mad because she's making bad choices and not obeying. Luckily, my three year old chewed on the DVD and hence little mermaid is "broken".

Sarah said...

p.s. love the new layout!!!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

you are so lucky your toddler took care of ariel on her own!!! thanks for the link to the cute blog page, it took me a while to figure it out but i really like it too!

Yakko Warner said...

Hee hee, always nice to see someone else fillet the little tramp (as Ursula might say). :D

If there's one thing that really annoys me, it's when people don't take responsibility for their own stupid choices and force others to pay for them -- something this red-headed bimbo does with gusto. Just like that part of the song you quoted, she dreams of a world where she doesn't have to be punished. Like I have to tell my son all the time (who's also a red-head -- hmm, is it the hair?), if you don't want to suffer the consequences, DON'T MAKE THE BAD CHOICES!!!

Ok, done ranting now. ;)

Looking back on my post, I think I was a little too kind... ;)

Mom of 3 boys said...

Since I have 3 sons we never watched this I glad we didn't. Love the new-layout.

Janie said...

I am not really a fan of any of the Disney ladies - Snow White is incredibly naive. Cinderella needs to be more assertive. Would she have gone on for years and years taking care of those b#tches in her dad's house if a man hadn't saved her. Belle is okey dokey, but that is because she is an avid reader. But for what they are worth they're all ok, and Disney does one thing well, musical scores. And their marketing is relentless. So we will be marching off to the happiest place on earth (if you don't look at the reciept) and will appropriately squeal when we get a glimpse of any of those pretty princesses.

Yakko Warner said...

Belle was ok. The part that got to me was when she snuck into the West Wing and started snooping around, blatantly violating the one rule she had been given about where not to go, and when the Beast gets mad, she decides it's ok to break her commitment ("Promise or no promise, I can't stay here another minute"). She was under a lot of stress, though, and she did settle down.

Snow White's only real crime is that she was really ditzy. Cinderella is one of those mentally abused situations that I'm not sure I completely understand. "Would she have gone on for years and years taking care of those b#tches in her dad's house if a man hadn't saved her"? Probably, and I'm not sure it's because of the "weak woman" stereotype (at least not entirely) rather than just years of mental abuse from her stepmother. (I thought the movie Ever After had a pretty interesting take on that story, incidentally.)

But maybe I'm over-analyzing. It's just Disney. :D

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

i see that this is a topic close to our hearts. my next post might be more even better....

Megan said...

I think it was actually mom who disliked her so much but I guess you are pawning it off on dad cause heaven forbid you now AGREE with your mom.
Lucky for me Chad hasn't stolen, I mean borrowed and burned that dvd yet.

Aprilyn said...

What's worse is there is now a Little Mermaid SERIES on Disney Channel. Wasn't the one movie bad enough? My boys don't really like princess movies. Nate has seen Snow White but ever since my sister took him on the Snow White ride at Disneyland, he's been terrified of the witch.