Tuesday, March 4, 2008

someone called me lazy

well wendyB, yes i am pregnant... i mean too lazy to blog. so let me update you on the last week:

cleaning up the yard, planting new seeds and plants (will the bareroot roses make it this year? i've killed at least a dozen through the years)

trying to make my own compost for like a year now... didn't have nearly enough compost so loaded up on several bags over the the week to make my new and existing plants HAPPY!this is the az gardening bible

The Tudors

showtime (which i don't subscribe to) is running all the episodes of their series the tudors on regular cable channels. I am loving it, especially since this era seems to be my main source of interest for the last few months. i'm halfway through the season, oh and henry the 8th is kinda good looking if you are into that kinda thing.

in the light of my tudor era interest, i constantly lust after this ugly betty - I KID- anne boleyn inspired necklace... some day.... should i get a J or a C???

also drooling over this diana ring, i am bff with the designer so i started to mention to my husband "there is this ring"..... that's as far as i got before he said "this ought to be good". humpf. it would make a good birthday present mister poopy pants!

i've also spent the last week stressing about poll numbers for today's (again) super tuesday. this is a crazy race and feel very strongly that Hillary is what this country needs. the economy sucks, my business is slow due to it, our house payment went up $300 in January- which was not budgeted, i spent most of last year without any insurance when Dave was between jobs- full price prescriptions are impossible to afford. i hate war, and can't even watch the news. the state of our country literally breaks my heart. i pray for a change that will heal our nation.

(update: she won ri, tx, oh tonight!!!)

i think that is the basics, the cute jocie stuff probably deserves it's own post... stay tuned (did i mention today while obsessively counting, she switched to counting in spanish? oh no, not in the correct order but still... 1,2,3,4, uno, dos, tres...) oh ya and her saying she says 40 times a day is a dramatic "oh my nuniss!" (goodness for those who don't speak 2 year old). this child cracks me up!

oh ya, shout out to NETFLIX - i heart you!!!! and welcome back the writers from their strike, i can't wait for the office to start again!

ps. dear mr. poopy pants, i can't believe our 5 year anniversary is already this weekend! i love you more than life itself and can't wait to finally get to go on a date ALONE with you!!!

pps. notice to family: we need a babysitter in order to make the ps. possible. please feel free to offer your services!




Megan said...

I didn't understand the pps... cause I chose not to.
but if I understand it correctly I think Chad really wants to watch your daughter.

the princess said...

aww...nice to see you again. 2 year olds are so funny and sweet! everything is tremendously exciting for them, isn't it? happy up coming anniversary and I hope you get out with mr. poopy pants all alone AND that he gets you the ring you so covet.

WendyB said...

Well, it was worth waiting for you to get off your ass to post if I'm going to see my jewelry all over the place! Good job! That wedding picture is so cute!Happy anniversary you guys.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

meg.... lame
princess... thanks, me too!
wb... how's my ugly betty neclace coming along for hannaka??? (spelled wrong? i'm working to be more jewish for you!)

WendyB said...

Bwah! You're just trying to celebrate more holidaze and get more gifts!

enc said...

Not that I'd know from personal experience, but I'd venture that being pregnant precludes/excuses you from pretty much anything you don't want to do! Including blogging! Milk it!

I've had bad luck with bare-roots, too, and I seem to have black thumb with orchids. I can't get them to re-bloom. Do you ever have that problem?

What an adorable family.

Leonesse said...

Ha! The Garden Guy!!! I was just talking with LK about gardening in Pho. It sucked. He says we can do it IF we move back. I am hanging on to that IF with all of my might.

Becky said...

Gardening? Impressive. I kill plastic plants. What can I say, it's a gift...

Happy anniversary! Fabulous wedding pic...