Monday, May 5, 2008

new lows

  • this morning at the doctors office i had to leave a urine sample in the bathroom. Feeling a little insecure about the dark yellow, i went out of my way to look at another specimen left by the patient before me, to compare. mine was lighter, whew.

    • last night my two year old started calling me "ennifer", i guess she got the reaction she wanted because now she likes use it whenever she gets the chance. that's weird, it was funnier when it was me calling MY MOM by her first name.
    • yesterday we went to church to see my nephew be blessed. it was a lovely meeting, i think - it was wall to wall fussy kids. mine included. the only way to get her to sit still was for papa Chuck to pass back "papa candy" (life savers) and make her promise to sit still. this morning she woke up stoked to go to church so we could "sing and eat candy".


    pistols at dawn said...

    Still, excited to go to church means you're halfway to saving your child's soul, I imagine.

    WendyB said...

    Yay for good colored pee!
    I guess!

    Aprilyn said...

    Sounds exciting. When we make it through Sacrament Meeting without having to take Marshall out because he is screaming, it's a GREAT day!!!

    Suze's Sass said...

    I didn't know they served candy at church. I'm setting my alarm this Sunday.

    Lisa *leelee* said...

    I always worry if I leave to much of a sample. Like how much do they need. I fill it up then I look and let a little out cause maybe its to much lol. Why do we analyse the urine analysis lol!

    the princess said...

    singing and eating candy are both fun!

    pee is funny when you're pregnant. funny how you felt the need to compare...see? you're drinking more water than she is. it's all good.

    yeah, when they start calling you by your name. i asked my son what my name was when he was 3. i said other than mama. he said "cori" first, which is what most people call me, but then i said no, what's my real name? what does b call me? he says "babe." he never did get to corinna. safe for now i guess.

    Some Goofy Woman said...

    What? That's the only reason *I* ever go.

    And the sip of wine every now and then.

    Hope you're well. :)

    That's what she...wait.