Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AMAZING... i haven't put him in a gopher trap yet

once upon a time when i remodeled the grooming shop there was this terribly big and heavy home made bank of cages that i couldn't bear to throw away. i begged Dave to bring it home for me so that i could refinish it and make it an entertainment center for the playroom and use it as cages as well for our dogs.
each door is see through thanks to some strong mesh wire. see does it look like the stuffed (literally) animals are complaining?
so this would be called the "before" picture......

and here we have AFTER.
this is what i came home to last week. the assailant had been violently tormenting it for weeks, and yes i have found pieces of sharp wire all over the house..... but he couldn't possibly bust out! right?

4.5 pounds of pure unrelenting anger.

waiting excitedly at the door to meet me when i got home and so proud of his "leap" of freedom.
(i'm sad about my one of a kind furniture piece that now can be used as a testing ground for tetanus)
anyone want a highly destructive toy poodle???


WendyB said...

Let's send that poodle to North Korea. Kim Jong-il will flee in terror.

Becky said...

Um, no-i have my own 100 pound version, thank you very much. You'd think we never feed him by the way he devours all things grass, glass, wire, string, etc. I'll be interested to see if he let's the baby have any toys...

pistols at dawn said...

He's like the Nelson Mandela of poodles.

the princess said...

that's crazy! those dogs can chew like mad