Monday, June 2, 2008

cell phone etiquette

would you agree that the younger generation has much better manners when it comes to cell phone usage? every teenager does have a cell phone, but when was the last time you actually saw them yelling into it in a restaurant or holding you up in line because they were busy yapping. probably never, thats when.

i think it's because they have grasped the beauty of texting that we don't hear them, and good for them. if only our eyes and fingers could work like theirs!

today in my trip to the doctors office (everything is fine with the baby, same ol pee in cup routine) and at the post office i contemplated taking peoples cell phones and smashing them upside the people's heads.

in a quiet waiting room i have miss millie-must-call-everyone-in-my-directory and leave LOUD voice mails for them all. really? at the gynecologist is were you do your "call backs"? she was probably my age, and i wondered if she had such a need for everyone to give a rats ass about her pointless calls, or if she had absolutely no manners.

then at the post office i had the choice, stand behind the older gentleman who was using the automated post machine on his cell phone, or stand behind the guy at the counter who was ignoring the counter agent to continue his loud phone conversation. i went with automated. this old dude was talking to his Realtor and literally just pressing buttons at his leisure. when he FINALLY got off the phone, he had to do it all over again because he had no concept of multi tasking. i should have kicked him in the back of the knees before i smashed his cell phone, but you know me always respecting the elderly.

my point is, lets quit acting like there is no outside world if we are on a cell phone. some how us old people (30 and up) managed until 10 years ago without the devises, now they seem to rule our self centered worlds.

lets take some manners from the younger generation and learn to live with technology, not think we are special because we pay a cell phone bill- so you damn well are going to overhear my mind numbing thoughts.

hope you enjoyed my rant, it was brought to you by:





the 30+ crowd without manners everywhere


added: Dave just called and i told him about this post. he said he was just at work and there was a woman with her two kids on the casino floor who would NOT get off her cell phone. she saw him waiting to talk to her but just ignored him. what class, kids at the casino while you talk to no one about nothing, NICE!


WendyB said...

Last time I was at the lady doctor, there was a heavily pregnant (due the next week) woman in the waiting room with me, explaining to someone on her cell phone that she was seeing the doctor because she had seven pantiliners' worth of discharge. Just thought I'd share that.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...


The Edwards Family said...

Yeah ok, I so agree- The old people yelling in the grocery line kill me! I want to stomp on their feet! GOTP! (get of the phone) damnit

Aprilyn said...

It's not hard for me. I'm really not all that popular. :) I call my hubby and that's about it. Occasionally I do call a few others but I certainly don't want everyone else in the world to hear my conversations. It's annoying. I text sometimes but I'm slow. So until such a time as my fingers get speedy at texting, or my texting becomes free, I'll stick to my occasional phone call. :)

the princess said...

very classy indeed.

i do own a cell phone but i rarely use it. i just don't understand what's so important. contributes to our completely impatient society I think. i could rant some too! i was thinking about you today, but I see you still have many days to go. so glad your pee is normal.

Megan said...

Don't get me wrong I totally agree with you but still, you might have anger issues

Mom of 3 boys said...

Hey, I am 30+'er...I am learning how to text..we need to be like out teenagers and learn this new way of talking/texting...I really HATE to hear some else's conversation...But I really totally agree with is my question...WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE CELL PHONES????

Becky said...

SO FUNNY to read this today - I had a dr appt and encountered the same thing! Here's a tip: nobody gives a shit what you did last night. Especially when we're waiting around at the gyno.

rohit said...

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pistols at dawn said...

I try to avoid talking on my cell phone in public because those sorts of conversations just make me realize how GD boring we all are.

Sarah said...

I really hate how none of us can enjoy a movie or dinner without someone at the table texting or silencing their phones. We cannot escape them anywhere. People talk on the phone in public restrooms!!!! I still don't think society has grasped the manners part of cells phones. I am just as bad.