Wednesday, June 25, 2008

through her eyes part 1

when it came time to download the pictures from my camera, i realized there were about 200 pictures that i didn't take. while working on Harrison's room, the camera was a good distraction for her from the paint brushes I was using.

disclaimer: I am a believer in freedom of speech as well as art, but I have edited out the 50 shots of me either going to the bathroom while being forced to say cheese, or the ones with me on my hands and knees painting with my booty in the air.self portrait

potty chart


Aprilyn said...

Thanks for editing. LOL. She has talent! She could make the next I Spy book.

the princess said...

sidney has a fisher price digital camera and takes a bunch says "i'm putting them in the garbage now" and deletes them. i keep trying to download before he gets too involved in it. it's fun to see what they find interesting. it'll be even more fun later. just wait.