Monday, May 19, 2008

what in the world have we been up to?

landscaping with cousin Tal (and anyone that will help for that matter)
cool down after hard day of landscaping, by skinning dipping with cousins
walking the runway (not table dancing)
getting grass
mother's day roses from my wonderful husband
my gorgeous niece Brittany graduated from ASU!!!
spending time with family

impersonations of princess Leah if she had a blue baby in an aerobics class
hunting gophers (wait you already knew that)
looking cool (what you can see, new house tat on her elbow, what you can't see, bare bottom for potty training)
more landscaping (it is finally done... post to come)

things still in the works:
  1. my daughter is still calling me jennifer
  2. getting fatter - i mean the pregnancy is going along just fine. feeling good but it's freakin hot in AZ!!!
  3. potty training.... there aren't a lot of pants being worn, and she won't actually GO ON THE POTTY unless there is something worse looming... like nap or bedtime- then she has all night to try.
  4. i'm going to hunt down and strangle whoever is responsible for gas prices! $3.75 today
  5. injuries at work are at an all time high (cat bites, dog bites, infection... )


WendyB said...

What's with these vicious animals at work?

Megan said...

you did it. you posted something!!! woo hoo!

Megan said...

that is like the studliest pic of tal right up first... then not so much of him in his under roo's.
Are those your sun glasses jocie is posing in? do you keep them in your car? just asking. I think someone might steal them.
ps thanks for keeping it modest!

Aprilyn said...

Great pics! Glad to know you're still alive and pregnant!

Kim said...

freaking potty training. Why do they resist it so. It felt like Wes was naked for a really long time. That means your home a lot. Love the landscaping, it all looks so beautiful!