Sunday, November 2, 2008

they are FINISHED!!!!

(the 2 on the left are my DNA!)
Rainforest before - can you see the trees in there? How are they getting any sunlight??

Left side before, right side TREES!!! (HAPPY TREES!)

OH now I see why they are SO SORE and physically exhausted!

RAINFOREST AFTER! Can you believe the difference? This is only ONE of the several buildings (see here).

(scary! standing over the rainforest)

I don't know who should be prouder, the crew that did this, or the biosphere itself!!!

congrats guys!

Hey AZ east valley locals..... you know you need your windows cleaned - now that they are back they need to stay busy or their muscles will atrophy! click here an make an appointment (or when your family visits for the holidays they will see your ugly windows, sorry - the truth hurts!)


Janie said...

Oh my gosh that makes want to throw up thinking about being up there!!!
I can't look down when I am on a step stool!
It looks AMAZ ZA ZING though!

Curt said...

You have a way of making a guy feel so cool!