Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I hate to brag on my bros..... but

(they are working their way down - can you tell the before from the after? AMAZING)

they are almost done. I'm not going to jinx anything else by mentioning safety (end of post and Austin's comment about FALLING OFF the Biosphere, thank the Lord he only fell 6 feet when he caught himself... we don't talk about what it could have been) or weather conditions, but they are almost done.

oh ya and other people notice too like UA News and this gentleman.

there was a story on the news about it last night, but alas the internets will not show it to me. stupid internets, why did al gore bother inventing you if you don't give me what i want??


WendyB said...

Al Gore needs to go back and fix some shizz.

the princess said...

that looks awesome! lucky break with the fall, that must be incredibly dangerous.

Curt said...

I have to say that you make it sound MUCH more dangerous than it really is, but you also understate the feeling of almost losing your brother... I'll never forget the look on his face and the helpless feeling of running to get him, but not knowing what I would find.

We were very blessed to finish with everyone healthy and get a good result.

Thanks for the links, too ;)