Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's that time again!

Fall break, mountains, borrowed cabin.... if you don't know what I'm talking about you can refer to here, or here.

any whooo, there has been a glitch in the "no kids or husbands" portion of GIRLS WEEKEND (in fact there has been a glitch in the weekend portion also)

so there will in fact be kids, husbands and there will be weekdays.

My sister Megan told me I needed to get a better attitude about kids at the cabin. so after much thought and consideration, I have realized "it would be better if I wore them out before they wear ME out!"

following is the email I sent my siblings:

I am announcing "KID CLUB" (not like LA fitness kids club, where they lock your kid in the bathroom or let them walk out the front door but), a club (in the cabin laundry room) were the kids can make lots of projects, and were they can play fun activities that Aunt Rachel is already on top of!

each child will need to bring with them:

  • a smock/work shirt that can get really messy. I just got one of Dave' old shirts for Jojo.
  • each child needs a good sized shoe box to store their projects, I have 4 but we need 3 more. Does each mom have 1?

  • a sock (or as many as they want to make) for sock puppets

  • if they have some of their favorite craft supplies they want to bring, please make sure they are marked (like scissors) so they don't loose them.

that should be it. I have lots of projects planned and ready to go. If it's OK with you, Rachel and I will divide up the activities and each of us will be in charge of the kids for a couple hours a day. This way you MAY get to work on your own projects, and or take naps! Of course this schedule is not set in stone, but it makes me feel better.

Tues, Wed and Thursday schedules:
Breakfast - Mom and Dad
9:00 Jennifer
11:00 (ish): Rachel
Lunch - Jennifer
naps for napping children
non napping after lunch kids: Grandma
2:00 Megan
4:00 Rhonda
5:30 ish Dinner: (If you are in charge of dinner, feel free to exchange times so that it will be more convenient for you)
6:30 Story time with Papa, and Puppet Show Productions
7 or 7:30 ready for BED!!!!

8:00 wooo hoo! kids in bed!

on another note:

to my beloved brothers who will not be with us because they will be washing all the windows on the Biosphere2 for the next month with Curt's awesome business 5 Star Window Care:


(can you see Curt's ladders scaling up the different sections? I'm scared just looking at them. He said last week was so windy they had to quit early one day because it was too dangerous! )


WendyB said...

Wow! What a crazy job!

Sarah said...

adopt me-- i need some time at a cabin :D

Suze said...

Man, just the photos alone scare me to death. Of course, I live in a rancher house and the idea of ever cleaning any of my windows scares me to death also.

Have a great time at the cabin!

Rhonda said...

survived the weekend. bring on the kids.

the princess said...

you strike me as an excellent planner. that sounds like so much fun for the kids! crazy pic of the dome. wow.

Austin Kempton said...

I wish I would have read your word of caution before I fell thru the screen... hmmm... I should be more involved in the blogging world.