Monday, October 6, 2008

we are alive and well

you can't make this stuff up: on Friday I saw "my sylvia" accross the street. I asked her if she could babysit tonight for Jojo, so we (dave, me, and harrison) could go see the movie we didn't get to last week. (what movie is that you askk? the one playing when we get there - don't care just want to see something). anywho (as meg says) we get dressed, get in the car (yes this car) and it will not start.

after a little, pushing, grunting, jumping and hair pulling (the car, what were you thinking?) the guy at Auto Zone told us the alternator needs to be replaced, and NO they don't do that for free.

silver lining..... wait for it...... i was ASLEEP by 10:30 for 5 hours straight! that's called getting lucky at the end of a bad date!

(totally stole this from Janie)

2nd anywho: i'm just too tired to find the camera AND the cord that makes the pictures magically appear on my computer. so you will just have to trust we that the kids are cute, the house is a mess, and that people who insist that "breastfeeding makes you skinny" because you put out so many calories a day - are liars, who are not addicted (and I MEAN AMY WHINEHOUSE ADDICTED) to SUGAR! - like it's not hard enough already without DELICIOUS CANDY CORNS at every turn!

in the words of SJP in SATC "hello lov-ahhhh"


WendyB said...

Molly Shumway Rawlins said...

okay so yum, now I want to go to a twenty four hour store and buy some candy corns so i can get eating them right now at 2 am.

but on another note-- i was going to ask you about your vinyl machine... does it only make letters or can it make shapes too? and can it do large format shapes or only small ones? and how much do you charge for that sort of thing... lots of questions there, but I was just curious, as I am attempting to decorate my new place :) thx.

Sarah said...

you have a vinyl machine???? lucky!!!
i too craved sweets while breastfeeding-- its evil!!! it totally sucks that once again your date plans were foiled. at least you got "lucky" :D

Janie said...

I am laughing to death as I eat my third oatmeal cream pie for breakfast. Breastfeeding does not make you skinny even when it makes your baby double her body weight in six weeks! sometimes I am so hungry after nursing I feel like the Chis farley character in SNL "Lay off me, I'm STARVING!!!"

Megan said...

la leche league came up with that bs to get woman to breast feed.
WOMEN: it doesn't make you skinny but it is good for your kid so suck it up and have some candy corn!!
that should be their new logo.
not as catchy but truthful.

Aprilyn said...

Candy corns and those orange pumpkins...ahhh I need some now!

Oh, and I never did lose weight from breastfeeding Marshall! Thanks a lot dude.

the princess said...

oh you have to have the sweet sweet taste of candy. it's a given! all will be well. just takes a little time doesn't it?