Tuesday, October 9, 2007

girl time!!!!!!!!!!!!

every year in October (during fall break) my mother takes us up to a cabin .... not just any cabin- the largest most comfortable cabin ever- and we have a girls weekend.

when I say "us" I mean: Mom, Me, Rhonda, Megan, and Rachel.
NO KIDS, no husbands. Just US.

What in the world do we do in an enormous 3 level cabin with a beautiful view and no little angels running around breaking stuff and yelling MOMMY? I'm glad you asked.


for the past few years I have hauled up all my scrapbooking stuff (nightmare!) We all have projects to work on, some more than others. Most projects will be started, few will be finished, some will not see the light of day till October 2008 when they make it back to the cabin for a second try.

I will be weeding vinyl and starting Eclipse- i'm so excited (about the book, not the weeding) i can't see straight!

All in all, there are no rules or deadlines. Just wonderful time spent with my girls!

(no Internet access (that I know of)) stay posted for our return and lots of good stories and pictures.

did I mention, showering is also not mandatory! HEAVEN!!!


Curt said...

sounds good. I'll see you there when I miss my sweetheart too much. Don't worry, I remember how to get there.

Megan said...

If curt shows up he will NEVER get in to the cabin! I don't know what you are talking about NOT finishing projects. I ALWAYS finish EVERYTHING that I take up there But i am ocd like that. Although I just bought, "stop dressing your 6 year old like a skank" and "bless your heart, tramp" to read so all bets are off this year

Kim said...

Sounds like a good time!!

Curt said...

you guys are mean. you made me stay outside the whole time. Me, two kids, a few tube steaks, no fire, and some wheat cookies. Thanks for nothing. I'm the husband without a black photo album, remember?!

Monika said...

So did you girls shower or what? Oh, and did you finish Eclipse?