Wednesday, October 24, 2007

family dates are few and far between

but we went on one tonight!!

that's what $65.50 looks like.
being with my family-priceless


Monika said...

You have been able to bring back so many happy childhood memories that I have! I LOVE that slide thing . . . what is it called? However, my parent's were too cheap to spend a lot of money. We either had to bring our own, or "work it off" by doing chores. Incase you're wondering, No, I haven't become a more responsible/more appreciative person because of it. I've only become more bitter. (Well, now it sound like I have let more things surface that just GOOD memories, huh?) On a better note, your hair is so beautiful BLONDE! Also, Jocie's hair looks so nice and neat. How in the world do you pull that one off? Your family is super stunning!

Curt said...

I love it! (you got out WAY cheaper than me... and I went on opening day). THAT SLIDE IS THE ONE JAREN HELD UP FOR 5 MINUTES WHILE HE CLIMBED UP AT HIS OWN SPEED!! I referred to it on my blog, who'da thought you guys would be at the same exact slide?

Congrats on the date. Want to go to the Apple store opening with me? We can call it a date... tempted?

Kim said...

What a wonderfully spoiled little girl. She looks like she has as much of her parents as she could ever want, I love it!! I love the pooped picutre at the end. Cool face paint!

Megan said...

Will you take me to the fair. I have been there 2x and I have no recollection of any of that fun stuff. All I can seem to recall is dirt, stinky animals and even stinkier people. and DIRT. Oh I already mentioned the dirt? Well that is because in my mind it is the most Prevalent.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

mon- hair was "pulled off" with a mixture of tears and promises of the fair.

curt- yes I am very tempeted, tell me more. kisses.

K- we need to learn the secrets of face painting!

meg- I don't remember the same fair memories, dirt?? i only saw filth... and germs and fun.

Andrea said...

Wow, The Arizona State Fair! That really takes me back. I mostly remember the farm animals, if you can believe it. I also got my first glimpse of Donny and Marie Osmond at The AZ Fair.

Good times! :o)

Molly said...

I love this blog! Once again, today marks the day after the fair closed, and we still didnt make it there.. oh well, I guess there's always next year... :) Looks like you had a blast, thats the important part, right?