Friday, October 5, 2007

taking the mystery out of vinyl

the boutique I'm going to be in will help support the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure. Here are some stickers I made to help raise money weeding - sucks if you don't do it for therapy

adhere application tape

tape it exactly where you want it

flip it up and take off the backing

lay back down into place

rub with squeegee or credit card



Kim said...

Jen!! That is all so stinkin cute! It looks like a ton of work, your so on the ball. I'm assuming you got Nanci's email address....

Rachel said...

Your creativity is astounding. Can you vinyl my truck?

Megan said...

So that is how it works? just kidding I totally knew how it works. Love all your stuff! you have been working like a crazy lady on it all!

Monika said...

Look at you. There is some serious truth to that whole: "Practically perfect in every way" label yo have going. (Beautiful diamond by the way!) OH, I thought that you were in charge of the boutique. Sorry to bore you with all of the details with Bazi. I wasn't trying to sound sales-pitchy. Just to clarify: "Shot" as in a shot glass.