Monday, October 1, 2007

family farewells and gatherings

we attended a funeral today for Dave's Uncle Dick. It was a lovely service. A dear friend and neighbor gave the eulogy and shared stories from family members. Thanks to all those who attended and supported Aunt Anne, and to the Relief Society for preparing such a wonderful luncheon!

Although it was a somber reunion, it is always a happy time when you get to see those you love. We live 3 hours away from most of Dave's family so it is always a special treat to be able to spend any time with them.

We love you all and had such a nice experience seeing you and meeting even more family!

ps. Jocie said "cheese"


Megan said...

glad you made it back safely

Andrea said...

Nice family photos!

Did you get your hair cut or is that a new do? It looks good on you!

Rachel said...

you're a "hot blogger" to be able to turn a funeral into something so... um... blogable.