Monday, October 1, 2007

family dinner after party

the key to a good after party is an opening prayer!

I just found these pictures from a few weeks ago. Calf Cake's family wasn't there and neither was Dave, so this should catch you up.. (also I thought Meg might like some of these)

Uncle Chad aka. Uncle Buck

(please note Megan in Mrs. Clause sexy apron trying to hold a meeting.... she didn't quite get the order that follows most important meetings) I believe all involved parties received the meeting minutes via email. see above jpeg


Megan said...

Isn't mu Husband cute and terrific with kids!
I appreciate you posting the notes, but now everyone is going to know who drew who and it is suppose to be a secret!
are you saying that you think it was the apron holding back the family meeting?

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

no way! it was the FAMILY holding back the family meeting!

Kim said...

You guys are on top of it. You didn't specify what your doing with you guys, the grown ups? Are you drawing names too or is it time to Christmas all about the kids?

Andrea said...

Good times! Good times!