Sunday, October 14, 2007

ever think your feelings aren't being returned?

we had such a wonderful weekend. There were many projects, lots of eating, reading, late nights and TEXTING (even some PG-13 texts to our missed husbands- I'm not speaking for all... we couldn't get mom to send anything racy to BSP) And of course a late night trip to walmart (maybe not "late" but it was realllllly dark)

I was not on my picture game this weekend, but Rhonda, Megan and Mom got some good ones.

No Calf Cakes did not come up to the cabin, he threatened to- but in the end he was too scared of his sister's wrath. (FYI: and my husband's book is not black- it's brown suede --you'll get your book someday, but you haven't earned it yet.)

I did not get as much done as I hoped, but I did get quite a few boutique boards ready. I'll post pictures later, just to get you excited to come and see me on Friday!

Dave was already at work before I got home so Rachel and I went straight to K's house to get the princess.


I was so excited to see my little angel!

she was not that impressed that I was picking her up, but she didn't complain. . . . till we got in the house.

the meltdowns have been one right after another.
the lights aren't on.
the lights are on.
wee high.
no poop (that's not what you smell like).
etc, etc!

finally I couldn't take it anymore, at a brief moment of tears drying and snot still fresh I suggested we watch wee high (that's "super why" for those of you who don't speak princess, PBS (that's different than BSP) has a great website with video downloads for your iPod and everything!!! click here)

ah peace. I hate entertaining her with TV, but if I have to do it this is as good as it gets.

Thanks again to Super Wes for bringing it to our attention. and a SUPER BIG THANKS to Kim and her family for making girls weekend possible by letting princess jojo live with them for a day! I owe you big time!!!

I'm so glad to be home, I can't wait to lay a big wet kiss on my husband! I better go brush my teeth!!!!


Curt said...

you're kissing bit was gross. Also, I can't believe that you are pretending I didn't even come up there. Am I that invisible to you? What is a PSB? Is it anything like a PB max? I had not one melt down all weekend... thanks to peanut butter, chocolate, & banana sandwiches combined with homemade cookies. Kids are so easy.

Megan said...

Glad to hear that jojo missed you too. Remember when you were leaving the cabin and you said, "I miss my daughter" just think of that during a meltdown.... right?
REALLY was a good weekend. REALLY you got quite a bit done. Really can't wait til next year.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

curt- to quote a possible Talmageism "your full of crap"! also I love your new mantra.

meg- yes, as the ears are ringing and snot is being rubbed through my carpet while legs and arms are flying I will remember that. REALLY.

Kim said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time. Jocie's foul mood was probably my fault. Proof again that the super readers really do save the day!

Monika said...

Jocie is welcome at my house anytime! My menu isn's as fun as Curt's, but we could wing it.