Sunday, August 24, 2008

no words

(the necklace is by WendyB - you can get one here)


Aprilyn said...

I just read the update on CJane's blog. The kids are lucky to be in such good hands. Even if she is a bit overwhelmed. What a good person she is.
I watched the girls play and thought about how much they must miss their Mom and Dad. I can't believe they are here either. I know you are all praying hard for NieNie too. Thanks for helping me get to know her. Her blog is definitely worth stalking! :)
I hope to get Marshall and Ollie together to play but I doubt it will happen. She has so many family and friends that she doesn't need me. I just felt like, after reading her post, she could use an extra hand and an extra little boy around to play with Ollie. Not that I would dump Marshall on her, but I would stay and help and let the boys play pirates together. We have plenty of swords at our house. :)

WendyB said...

My jewelry has never appeared in such a beautiful photo before. Look at that baby!

Hoping for the best for Stephanie and Christian.

Katja said...

hello jennifer! thank you for leaving a comment at my blog. as i can see aou just gave birth: so congratulations to that super sweet little one! i love your balloon-fotos. i was a little sad that i didn't managed to get some balloons, but i think the little ships were also lovely. and the get well wishes will arrive in every way! don't you think so?
many greetings from munich, germany! yours, katja