Sunday, August 17, 2008

We fell in love on Friday- Harrison arrives

I was supposed to be induced at the hospital at 9 am on Friday, they let me know "don't call us, we'll call you". I was anxious and hadn't slept the night before, so that wasn't really working for me. Dave and I just happen to show up at the hospital at 2 pm, you know just to check in... I don't think they were happy about it but they took us in.

3:00 pm put in a room

4:00 start the pitocin (aka: liquid HELL)

5:00 dr. breaks my water with the longest stick ever and thinking death would have been a better option, my wonderful doula tells me it won't be necessary and she would breathe me through it.

5:15 begggg for epidural, nurse said dr. would like me to wait a little longer

5:30 please let me die

5:40 beg the nurse to have get the anaesthesiologist to get set up

6:00 anaesthesiologist starts setting up and kicks out my mom and my sister Megan my doula, in tears and fearful the 6-10 tries that he has poked me in the spine are not only making matters worse but that I could end up paralyzed. One look at Dave tells me, he'd trade places with me and he is as freaked as I am!

6:30 another dr. comes in to do the epidural and gets it right. first anaesthesiologist i think feels so bad for what happened that he over did it a tad and now my lower half is so heavy i can't move. it's ok, i think i will stay alive now.

7:00 i'm exhausted, and so thankful for the epidural. Find out that dr's wife's car broke down and he has to go help her and change the battery. (side note: when Jocie was born he had to bring his wife to the hospital with him since she had accidentally cut her hand open with a knife and she needed stitches. he is a good husband)

8:00 realize if I have this kid in 15 min he will be born on 8/15 @ 8:15pm

8:01 nurse checks me and tells me to hold my knees together or this kid is going to be born without a doctor.

8:15 comes and goes.....

8:30 we have a doctor (i made him wash his hands, nobody wants battery grease on their new baby) he says push, push

8:36 pm he hands me a beautiful baby boy, Dave cuts the cord, doc says i did so good i don't even need one stitch!

Harrison came out with his eyes open, and no crying. Dave and I were a little freaked, since our last time doing this was a very loud experience. He has only cried a few times, but other than that makes the cutest noises and whimpers. He didn't cry for shots, his bath, or even his circumcision. The nurses agree we got a good kid, my response was always..."you don't know how long I waited for him, he's my angel!"

We already had a little me running around, I feel so complete now that I have a little Dave to love on!
We are home, Jocie's sleep schedule is so messed up and she is completely OBSESSED with her little brother. Very few people are even allowed to hold him, and then she sits next to them and makes them hand him over. She kisses, hugs, and talks about him day and night. I think she likes him.
Thank you all for your words of encouragement and love! We are home, well and hoping for some rest now. Well, we can hope.

do i look tired????

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WendyB said...

You look beautiful. And what an alert little boy you have! Mazel tov!

Megan said...

You did fabulous and he IS an angel

Becky said...

Two things:
1) you don't look tired, you look awesome;
2) Harrison is BEAUTIFUL (am I allowed to call a boy beautiful?)

And, ok, one more thing...
Still not sad that I didn't have to go through labor. ;)

Congrats to you and your perfect family!!

Janie said...

OH my!!! I am so happy for you and Dave and Jocie. I love the first picture of Jocie holding Harrison -she looks so animated. And I love the picture of you on your doula's site. And for the record he is an ANGEL!!

Mom of 3 boys said...


He is beautiful, you are truly blessed....

And again a big CONGRATS to everyone in your family.

My Three Sons Designs said...

Congratulations! He is one beautiful baby. We have a new Harrison in our family too, he's 8 months. We love his name more every day.
(found you through nienie, we're praying)

Suzel said...

Oh he's too! Congratulations!

the princess said...

oh sweetie! he's gorgeous! yay for harrison, welcome to the world.

Andrea said...

He has as perfect a face as I've ever seen.

Savvy Mode SG said...

you look wonderful and he is so darling. i hope when i have children they will be as darling.

Janie said...

sorry to be a weirdo I sent Harrison that onesie without saying it was from Moi!! Enjoy!