Monday, February 4, 2008

if you don't have anything nice to say....

ah forget it.

i've grounded myself from blogging due to the fact i'm a TOTAL BOOOOOeR! (argue with me, i dare ya!)

so what shall i talk about?
people i stalk?

ok well my original stalkee nie nie fell into my trap. as you may know, we met, she was even more delightful than you can imagine. i believe i will see her and her four legged child again in march.

NExT: i have been stalking wendyB for quite sometime now. she lives in NY so you would think she is safe-HA! i adore her humor, her jewelry, her fashion, her writting and her little dog too. i have it on good word where i might find her next week. sure it could involve some blackmail, binoculars, and the truck from the beverly hillbillies (cuz that's how i roll!) but i will meet her and make her adore me as i do her. george michael doesn't know me!

although the baby on the right is growing nicely, does it seem it moves around a little too fast?

onto less interesting stuff:

the nasuea has now settled down, i'm so thankful..... however it was replaced immediatly with an upper respritory virus that is just stupid. i cough and hack and gag 20 hours a day, it's totally hot! the doctor said since i'm pregnant they can't even give me cough meds. lame.

i took jojo to urgent care last week: 2 ear infections and pink eye! we really know how to live around here. don't worry, she hasn't felt bad enough to not dress as a princess in tap shoes every single day! you can wipe snot on a princess skirt just as good as a t-shirt!

does anyone else really dislike blogger? i hate to say anything for fear i will bring their rath on me, but the program constantly has errors, adding pics is a pain in the butt and it seems like this should actually be easier than they make it. for instance, my spell check refuses to work on this post. any suggestions???

reading: (back to wendyB) wb does book club on her blog and reads about historic queens and designs jewelry in their honor. well i admit it, i had never read a historical fiction or biography other than the red tent, the life of ben franklin, and both the clinton's autobiographys. (keep your comments to yourself if you have anything rude to say about the clinton's). over the last few months my dear sisters have been sharing and reading books (behind my back) and not sharing any of them with me.... till last week. Rhonda gave me the constant princess and i finished it last night. it was great, but i didn't understand the ending since it ended abruptly without closure. a threeway conference call to them concluded that now i had to read the other boleyn girl. i explained that i was mad at the boleyn girl since she screwed over katherine of aragon. they then explained, no you will like the OTHER boleyn girl.

i have spent the afternoon reading wendyB's posts about "queens" and feel i have a much better grasp, and that it could take me a life time to read all of her recommendations. i am stopping by bookmans on my way home tomorrow with my list of new reads!

to sum up: i have absolutly nothing interesting to add to the world of blogging, or going on in my head. therefore i am going to have to take up reading. feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments- "what to expect when you are expecting" by the way is not a good recommendation.

kisses, ppiew


Anonymous said...

Please remember the tips I told you about Wendy's doorman. Beggin' strips for the dogs wouldn't hurt either :)

WendyB said...

Yes, you WILL like the Boleyn girl. And aren't I really stalking you at this point?

I agree, respiratory illness is so hot. I'm at my hottest right now!

WendyB said...

P.S. Definitely wise to refrain from criticizing evil empire-run self-publishing services that like to freeze innocent people.

Sarah said...

my spell check hasn't been working either. its driving me crazy. thanks for letting me stalk you! you might enjoy, my sisters keeper, by Jodi Piccoult. thats my reccomendation.

Aprilyn said...

I wish Blogger would go back to the EASY way to add pictures and arrange them. I HATE it that they are just in HTML. Other than that, I haven't had any problems.
I will refrain from saying negative things about the Clintons. I will keep my opinions to myself.
I'm not sure what reading is anymore! I just don't have time now. I have a series of books that I LOVE but it's LDS Historical Fiction. I'm not sure that would be exciting to you or make you wanna puke. Some people like it...others don't. I love reading the series Faith of Our Fathers by Dean Hughes.