Monday, February 4, 2008

super tuesday

tomorrow is super tuesday, finally we get to vote here in az. i hope that all of you go out and vote for your candidate tomorrow. i can't seem to get my husband to even have the candidate conversation with me, and he is already evading the poles- but it's a free country.

i was going to just do a sweet "get out and vote" post and not mention my candidate. why? because it's political? because this could be the final nail in my dad's coffin?

i come from a family of republicans (not that there's anything wrong with that). however i am a democrat, thus politics have been banned from discussion at family dinner (it's been a rough 7 years for me). but tomorrow i'm going to the poles and finally going to see the name on the ballott i have waited so so so long for. i can't believe she is finally on the ballott for president!

(yes, my father is on oxygen right now somewhere) my love for Hillary Clinton has been for all of my adult life. as first lady i loved her and couldn't understand why everytime she offered to work on healthcare or whatever she was passionate about she was halted at every turn by opposing parties. she and her husband have made mistakes, they are human, but also i believe the best we have for our country at this time of change.

this is not a soap box, i'm not writing to sell anything. vote for your own candidate and support them. today i realized that this is my blog, and that if i support a candidate i should be able to say it here of all places.

God bless this country. Our citizens and our leaders.


Andrea said...

I just read your blog out loud and then clicked on "comment" and my husband (who's laying beside me) just said, "Oh, no what are you gonna say?" Funny!
We all should talk about what we believe on our own blogs. That's what it's all about, right?
Everyone feels so strongly about someone totally different from the next guy. Americans, go figure.
We all think you're great and anyone that's not a Hillary fan will still respect you in the morning.

Oxygen! Please, someone get me some oxygen! :0)

WendyB said...

I'm writing in Empress Wu for my candidate.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

andrea, so that feeling you have about hillary... times it times 1000 and that has been the last 7 years for me.

wendy, i'm still researching wu, i didn't realize there was a candidate from the tang dynasty available for write in.

WendyB said...

You might also consider Henry II of England. He had some good ideas, though he did put his wife in jail for kind of a long time.

Megan said...

Go Mitt Romney

the princess said...

oh! i always thought you guys voted in the fall, didn't realize it was now. go hillary!!! i think she is awesome. then, i am canadian, not american. she sounds like a good choice though.

Donna said...

Neill agrees with you, but he also likes McCain.

I thought I would point out you have less than 200 days until the new Baby Clancy arrives....

Mom of 3 boys said...


I totally understand how you feel, my family was "rep" but husband is a " rep"....and I am a "dem" I really know how you feel...Again, GO HILLARY!!!!

Monika said...

2 for Mitt! (Although things aren't looking so great for the poor guy!)
I think that it's great that you are supporting her though. It'll be close, that's for sure.

KreativeMix said...

She's one strong role model!!!