Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dear diary,

got home late last night because i was at dinner with my sister megan and the glamorous wendyB! such a good time. before entrees were even served we were wearing wendyB original necklaces, AMAZING! before the night was through, she was in my $30 macy's bead necklace and we were wearing everything but her panties.... which is also a funny story. this special evening will have it's own dedicated post once i get some pictures from the girls (my camera is pig crap!)

still tired.

the plague is over, so is the fire threat level. clean sheets, lysol, and showers - i think we are all going to make it. dave went back to work today after being on his deathbed for 5 days. tomorrow will be jojo's first day back at preschool now that she is well (anyone else see the irony there?).

valentines day is coming up, which is my other sister's anniversary (shout out to Rhonda and Chad - you wrestling lovebirds you!). it kinda snuck up on me somehow. i knew it was coming but am i prepared? nope. please diary, don't let me look like the loser that i am on thursday. i already bought him new socks and world or warcraft for Christmas .... it seems i've painted myself into a corner. what to do???? i could get myself something pretty.... ok need to focus.

sweet dreams, i'll write again soon,


ps. as a blogging system i am so frustrated with blogger. spell check never works, sometimes you can separate your paragraphs.... sometimes you can't. would spew hateful venom at them, but they are bigger than me and i am scared of their backlash.


Megan said...

it was a magical evening!

WendyB said...

I knew you girls would want my panties...that's why I didn't wear any! ;-)

Suze said...

Aah, sounds like you had a great time.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Blogger is a pain, but I've looked at switching and can't find one that's any better! :(