Monday, December 17, 2007

stupid camera

dear Cyber-shot,

Since you were lucky enough to be at the Gilpin family Christmas party last night you may have noticed I took one or 1200 pictures with you.

I was so excited to use you, even though we didn't really know each other, I thought it would be a good icebreaker. I actually snapped 325 pics with you on Sunday night and came home to download them and see OUR gems of photographic genius!

how many "gems" did i find?


You were like the worst blind date ever. i deleted at lease 3/4 of the pics that we took. Most everything was pure BLURRRR, and the rest were of albino people I guess because their skin was blinding white and their eyes were unresponsive to red eye reductions. (or maybe they were vampires?)

As of now you will be noticing the cold shoulder that has been thrust your way. Is this what i get for 1.) not reading any directions? 2.) purchasing on black Friday based on price and pixels / not research??? either way we are having a cooling off period. i don't think i can bear to look at you right now without wanting to grab you by the cord and scream "where is your shake-resistant feature now jerk face???"

not hot for your shot

Dear Not so Good Yourself,

really? you think maybe you should have read the manual or were you too busy running down my batteries to the point of starvation?

you have a lot of nerve judging me and I really liked your shoes last night.

I hope we can still be friends when you pull your head out of your owners manual.

best albino wishes,

Your Cyber-shot


Dear Shot in the dark,

based on your previous shoe comment you have an overwhelming LACK of FOCUS and FANTASTIC taste in SHOES.


fallen arches


Molly said...

fun, but you should really stop carrying on conversations with things that can't talk back, there is a diagnosis for such behavior, you know. :) jk

Megan said...

You are pun-genius! I love looking albino after all it is hard to see flaws when you are blinded by the white! I think I will join that religion so my skin will always look glowing. Is it hard to get in though? you know, like how the jews make it difficult to see how committed you are. But I really won't be that committed I just want the porcelain skin... so we will see how much work it is and I will get back to ya!
P.s. speaking of committed, maybe you should be for talking to inanimate objects, least you'll have good shoes in the nut house!

Suze said...


WendyB said...

You two need couples counseling, stat!

Some Goofy Woman said...

Oho! That Fallen Arches zinger was perfect. I had to go re-read. Well done.

See? No cursing!!

That's what she said!!


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

molly: oh i have lists of diagnosis, #1 being I'm a little crazy.

megan: in case the committing period is longer than my mania or depressed episode lasts, will you help bail me out? oh and we will need to stop and get doughnuts on the way.

suze: stop it some more.

wendyB: 3:00 tomorrow, it's in a walgreen photo lab (do you think they will automatically take his side?)

AD: you liked it? really, i didn't know if you would think it was too much for you.

twss ;-)

Andrea said...

OK, are you kidding me!!!
I am baffled by your genius and wish I was as quick with the wit as you.

And by the way...those are cute shoes.