Sunday, December 30, 2007

misery LOVES company

in honor of all of you gals and guys who are feeling the end of the year blues:

i declare the final 36 hours left of this year shall be used to enjoy your misery. bask in the depression that has settled in. give into the crappy mood that is lurking. go on: join me in self pity.

that's it though, at the strike of midnight (in the mountain standard time zone- that gives you a few extra hours wendy) we must put on our gold sequin big girl panties and enter 2008 as the sarcastically snarky (for suze) medicated women that we are.

enjoy with me the self loathing (or alien baby that is taking over my body ) and gluttony that only this next 36 hours can offer.

Good luck and best wishes on your road to this limited time offer.
my love to all,


(if you would like to share how you are celebrating misery loves company time please send your stories, messages and pictures to


WendyB said...

Well, this made me laugh, which interfered with my misery time. Isn't that counterproductive?

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

true, but isn't counterproductive the reason for the season.

Suze said...

I'm all over the gluttony part. Isn't the old saying "misery loves gluttony"? In honor of this holiday, I will pick a fight about the remote with my husband while finishing off the dozen or so chocolate chip cookies left. Amen.

Leonesse said...

I have to clean the entire house tomorrow, before company comes. I think that counts as misery.

Mom of 3 boys said...

Ok, so here is my misery!!!!! 2 dogs...GRRRRRRR....and also finally getting into the nursing classes that I need and not having the money to pay for noisy neighbors upstairs....and that is just to name a I read on myspace...a new year with the same sh*t.....Peace.

Andrea said...

Now Now, I think we should be positive.
I'm positive that I'm glad this year is over! Ha Ha!
Have a great New years Eve (they're always more fun than New years Day).

Some Goofy Woman said...

You always crack me up. I think we're twins, BTW, Ms. Bigfeet. Did they get bigger with kids? Mine didn't thank blog.

Be miserable and love it.


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

suze, it seems like a good start - i know you will surpass even my low expectations.

leonesse, that's crap. tell them you are having a cerimonial holiday that FORBIDS cleaning or happiness. i'm sure they will understand.

kim, yes, yes that is how you do it! good girl, keep up the complete misery and turmoil and we will meet in the looney bin come January! (you had me at 2 dogs!)

andrea, no playing nice. if you don't have anything pathetic to say, well make something up.

AD, seriously like i didn't need one more thing to worry about, now you are telling my that my andre the giant size feet could actually grow?? oh forget it, i really may have to cut off my toes! great, i hope prozac can fix this!!

Megan said...

I've got gas! happy STINKING new year!

pistols at dawn said...

Isn't the point of the New Year a fake "starting over/rebirth" thing, so there isn't really much to be depressed about? I mean, save that for July, when you haven't made a single damned change to the life you hated last year. Come on, people, don't make me chart your depression for you.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...


chart megan's gas why don't ya, super jerk face who doesn't understand. don't ruin this p@d or i will get your home number and call you everytime i burp or to discuss how the baby's placenta is forming and the impact on my bowels.
(i think for new years i'm going to be a sober mean drunk)

Mariposa said...

Funny...yet cute! ;)

It's 2008 in my place already...

Happy new year to you!

Aprilyn said...

I hate New Years Eve really. It was the 1st night (years ago) that I realized my X-husband was cheating on me. He stayed out all night and had a stupid made up excuse the next day. I could possibly have gotten over it if he hadn't repeated his stupidity 4 more times in the next week. Oh well. He's stupid and no longer married to me and no longer the legal father of Nathan so whose life sucks more? Hmmm...tough one....HIS obviously! My life is GREAT now compared to what it was.