Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a day off means working somewhere else

there was not enough work for me to bother going here today.

  1. breakfast of champions: bazi and wellbutrin

  2. clean the kitchen

  3. find the dinning room table after paying the bills covering it.

  4. fold laundry that was clean and hope it still is after a hiatus in a laundry basket.

  5. open the door to my beloved scrapbook room and assess the damage of boutiques. (probably cry for a minute after that)

  6. turn around and open door to "spare bedroom" that has become the "Christmas present staging area" - put on my big girl panties, bazi, wrap, wrap, wrap, bazi, wrap, get some kind of injury that will impair my judgement, work more hastily because i am pissed off about the self imposed injury.

  7. look for my child, she has been awfully quiet???/ OR sink to the floor while my adorable mood swing machine lets me have it!!!!

  8. realize i still have to get another car to emissions testing (oh ya, i don't care today)

  9. exhausted, sit down to check email (code for i am sitting on this computer till i die or fall asleep, which ever comes first)

(this has nothing to do with the post, i just realllllly like black santa card!)

have a lovely day, may all of you reading this get a nap today!!!

UPDATE 2:28 pm: NOT ONE SINGLE THING on my list has been done yet (crap) but Jojo and I went to store with a list, stuck to list (holy crap)

will put her down for a nap in approx. 1 min and 37second. Now for the big decision....

wrap or nap??? i'm so so so torn!!


WendyB said...

Mmmmm. Tasty Wellbutrin!

Aprilyn said...

Oh yes, the huge pile of laundry. I have that too. Today is my day to get it done! Marshall is at preschool and will most likely take a nap today!! HOORAY FOR NAPS! I hope you get one soon.

Donna said...

I got your Christmas card/pics today and LOVE it! It was the first one to arrive, too :) I haven't figured how you have gotten Dave to be so compliant with taking pictures as no one in my family likes having their picture taken (besides the kids)!

Megan said...

what you need is CAKE! skip the bazi and have some cake! then take a nap that way there is no way you can work off the cake that you just ate and it will have time to really adhere to thighs/arms/bootie/stomach/ and then when you wake up you will be ready to attack rooms, laundry, wrapping.... ok that is what I did today and I have yet to accomplish anything. Misery LOVES her some company!

Aprilyn said...

So, what did you do? Nap or wrap? There was no nap in our house today. I folded laundry while Marshall watched Frosty the Snowman. I WISH he would nap more often! :)

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...


Kim said...

Don't you love not going to work? It is so productive. Props on sticking to your grocery list! That never happens!