Friday, December 7, 2007

giving curt the respect he deserves

ok calf cakes don't let it go to your head, but you are a FOOD STORAGE GENIUS!
just know that thanks to your "Can-traption", women all over the world are smacking their husbands for not doing this for them!
click here to see curt's blog, scroll down to see the video of how it works. (i just clicked on the play button twice even though my mouse was a cursor instead of an arrow)
you are a wonderful father, husband and provider for your family. even though you have a gas problem, we all love you regardless.


Megan said...

It is a pretty good invention! I wonder if Rachel came up with the idea and whispered it to curt in his sleep so that he might think it was his idea and get to work on it???? is that possible? Just kidding Curt I know you are brilliant.

Curt said...

Get out. Did I read that correctly? My head went from size XL to size 5XL.

I just started a couple rolling shelves for the regular cans to complete the package. This rain may result in Rachel's dream pantry.

By the way: Genius & Brilliant are both really powerful words. Are you going to the family party tomorrow night? If so, will you promise to tell me this in person? I'd like to see the expression on you ladies' faces... Context is everything.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

yeah rain! Rachel deserves her dream pantry if she has to share a bed with you and your gas!

yes we will be there, can you bring one for a white elephant and watch the ladies fight??? i don't know it will depend on the context of the situation, i don't want to seem insincere by gushing.

Mr. Poppins said...

Curt, that is awesome!!! What do you know about nylon polymer.....?

Aprilyn said...

VERY nice Curt. They sell those things at Costco here in Utah but they are not quite as nice as yours and they are only made for the small soup cans. I would buy yours any day over the Costco ones. Sorry to burst your bubble though.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

that is the theme music for debbie downer. Come on aprilyn, this is the first time i've been nice to curt in ... well.... years. no bubble bursting on this post.

there will be plenty more ops to implode his bubble in future posts.

Aprilyn said...

Oops. Sorry Curt. I said his is way better anyway. The Costco one is a big metal shelving system..ya of those flimsy ones.

I think Curt is awesome for thinking up that idea. His even has space for the big cans.

I will be nice to Curt from now on. I promise. PLEASE forgive me Curt. :)