Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wednesday whinning

i'm tired.

my hair is greasy and i have a fever blister on the tip of my nose for over a week now.

really really tired.

i think someone punched me in the eye a few days ago, it hurts.

big day at work, i need to leave but i just want to go back to sleep.

crap, why does my throat hurt?

i'm fat and tired.

sniff*** should put on more deodorant.

dang it, i forgot to wash my work clothes last night.

(no, sorry no pics for this post, my nose looks like hamburger!)

btw, why does that Christmas calendar countdown a thousand times faster than the baby Clancy one?

i should get some patience someday.


Suze said...

Great Baby Clancy countdown. Geez, 246 days - that does seem long. Now I'm impatient!!

Monika said...

AUhhHhHHh! How long has it been since I was on your blog? I SWEAR . . . I miss a few days and I miss all of the exciting news! Congrats Jen! YOu and Dave make beautiful children.
Yeah, that Christmas calendar is stressing me out . . . it needs to slow down just a bit. I am so sorry that you are having those crappy 1st trimester mornings. Can I help you in any way? Hummmm . . . did you know that you can drink BAZI when you are prego? Yep, it's totally safe and healthy for you and baby!
P.S. So, are you going to let Meg coach you during birth at home? I think you should! :)

Molly said...

the fetal pic on baby Clancy's countdown kind of looks like a salamander or dinosaur today. I've just decided to ignore how close to Christmas we are getting. let it come! ready or not!

WendyB said...

You THINK someone punched you in the eye? I think someone is overdoing it at the local pub and getting into brawls that she doesn't remember.

The Edwards Family said...

oh my gosh..that is the coolest countdown I have ever seen! You find the coolest stuff..Lucky. I'm not feeling too bad for you with that big puss pocket on your nose....I'm sportin' a a zit right under my nose that looks like a dry bugger (doesn't that paint a lovely picture) Everybody has some ugly thing on their face this time of year- compliments of this stressful season!
take more naps!

pistols at dawn said...

I'm not going to lie: that tiny pink thing freaks me out a bit. But I'm a dude, and nothing says "commitment" or "less drinking money" like a kid, so I guess that's natural.

Mom of 3 boys said...

I am sorry you are having a pregnany will get better...only 246 days the the little baby is here...the count down is cute....hang in there.

Aprilyn said...

I remember how tiring the first trimester is. Ugh..hang in there.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

suze: i know huh?!

mon: don't put too much pressure on the cute kid thing, as of now as p@d said it's kinda freaky! yes, bazi is my main source of nutition (is that pathetic). about the home birth: baaaa hahahahahahah that's a good one.

molly: i thought it said "fecal", that would have been awesome too.

wendyb: you give me far to much credit, i probably just wiped the nose herpes into my eye and now i will have to have it removed and replaced with a glass eye and be your pirate friend. but maybe that is a stretch?

mamma edwards: naps? i don't understand. maybe i will google it to see what one it. as far as your booger zit, come on how long can that last? mine has built up a healthy painfully plasma filled scab that makes me look like a decaying skeleton! beat that.

p@d: i'm not gonna lie either, a.) it freakes me out too (how is that thing going to grow up and be popular with that figure?) b.) your really do have relationship issues.

kim: i know, but did i mention i'm impatient??

aprily: oh not any of the good first trimester stuff, just tired. i could probably fix that if i went to bed at night.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has thoughts like this.

Donna said...

I hope you have a better day tomorrow. You sound a bit fetus looks like a seahorse...or something...Please don't hit me next time I see you, which is hopefully on Christmas! :)

Cakespy said...

OMG I can't believe I have never seen this blog before! This is so cool. Once stupid Christmas is over I am sure the baby calendar will start speeding up!

Megan said...

I totally didn't know you were having "one of these days" when I saw you today you seemed good.... well except for the whole pants not fitting "perfect" on your slender figure! but that is gonna happen!
246 days HOLY CRAP that seems like just enough time to redecorate your entire house and paint the outside and possibly cure world hunger.... well the outside of your house may have to wait!

Some Goofy Woman said...

I LOVE THE FETUS! It's cool. Though when it floats over its umbilicus it looks like it has a tongu... bwaaaaaa! RUN! OMG!! RUN!!

Just kidding.

You totally made my day with the "most likely kill you in the morning" comment. Thanks


Andrea said...

Oh, so sorry. Tomorrow couldn't possibly be any worse...knock on wood.