Wednesday, December 5, 2007

excited, irritated, frustrated

excited: i don't want to give anything away prematurely but....

there will be a local celebrity bringing their posh pooch into the shop to have a morning at the spa with ME tomorrow!

(actual super celebrity)

i will accept guesses (if you are family and already know because i might have let it slip once... or twice - zip it)

irritated: my gmail has not given me one thing in my inbox today? hello, i know there is mail out there TRYING to get to me but alas...... empty. where is it? is there a cyber postman that i can yell at for this???

frustrated: am i just the MOST INCOMPETENT google'r or what? you don't even know what i go through to get one stupid (probably stolen) picture to add to the decor of my blog. i swear it doesn't matter what i google -it is not right- there is a conspiracy going on. Thank goodness Wendy is onto them. (speaking of Wendy - you could buy this, this, or this from her if you wanted to know what i want for Christmas)


WendyB said...

Oh my! I'll put those all in a nice gift box, ready to go, because I know your family and friends wouldn't dare let you down.

Megan said...

I couldn't see what it is that you want but I am pretty darn sure I can't afford it!

Kim said...

I need to know who is coming into your shop!! Is the papparazi going to be swarming your place? Maybe I should just check

The Edwards Family said...

Just google IMAGES for pix...then save as..pretty elementary. Your blog is fab fab fab...thanks for posting comments on my loser blog. FYI I'm ignoring that whole Tag thing...too much blackmail information. Ciao