Monday, December 24, 2007

away with the manger, make room for the bed

I really wanted Jocie to be in her "big girl" bed by the end of the year. this was going to be a project that required mommy and daddy to have at least an afternoon off together.... so today was our big (and only) chance.

It couldn't just be as simple as going to pick up her bed though. The crib had to be taken apart, paint the room, pick up the bed and put everything back where it goes!
Hey it's her room, we should let her help....

she was so excited to be in her big girl bed it went perfect after story time!

Goodnight sweetheart, I hope Santa brings everything you want.


Mom and Dad


WendyB said...

Damn! She's good with the painting. Send her over to my place. I would like to do the living room in a pale apricot.

Andrea said...

I love the play on words in the title. Very cute room you lucky little girl!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

wendyb: can't do the pale apricot, she only paints "fushia fizz"

andrea: thanks, hopefully someday she will also think so.

Megan said...

McLovin the room!
I enjoy the fact that she paints in a diaper and socks... as all great artists do!

Some Goofy Woman said...

I don't understand how you had the energy to 1) create life 2) do presents 3) paint, re-organize, decorate 4) blog regularly... at the same time? Inconceivable!

I need a nap now.


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

ad: when you put it like that i feel better about the fact that my only recent productivity is blogging. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a holocaust cloak.