Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i would kill, literally kill for greasy mexican food!

it's 11:30 at night and the only way to describe this feeling is like a mix between being heart sick, and so hungry the stomach acid is torturing the back of your throat. this is completely ridiculous, and if i thought there were someone close enough to bother with this problem i would.

i just need someone to either go pick up some filiberto's or something of the like, OR come sit here. that's it just sit here in a dark quiet house so that i may go on a quest for this need. (it's against the law to leave a child in bed at home alone while you go off and hunt down the nearest greasiest mexican food possible- oh ya and they really do frown as well on literally killing for this also. good thing this isn't an afterschool special)

my order in case the God of Mexican Food Delivery is reading: quesadilla, burrito (grilled chicken and cheese), beans, shredded beef tacos, chips and salsa, beans and an enchilada

(no onion, garnish or gross sour cream) oh and taquitos if that's not too much.

it hurts sooooo bad. the baby needs it.

holes are being burned into my stomach as i type.

I feel j lo explains my situation best - click here


Megan said...

ahh... I love that episode.
What if you took the baby monitor with you to go get great big greasy globs of mexican food? certainly nobody would say THAT is neglectful???

Curt said...

Thanks for changing the picture to having [less] porn.

Thanks for making my pregnant wife crave mexican food @ 8am. I am on my way the the nearest Filly-b's to Queen Creek (at least an hours drive each way).

Thanks for all you do.

Did the baby monitor thing work?

pistols at dawn said...

I've been eating Mexican food for years, and now I fear I may be pregnant.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

meg: i feel like such an idiot for not thinking of that first.

curt: your not welcome, and go get your wife food! and bring some by here.

p@d: it's starting to feel like a repeditive response to you "you should probably get that tested"

Andrea said...

Let the cravings begin!!!
I have been craving "good" Mexican food for two years now since my move to another state where apparently they don't believe in Mexican food! Please, for me, count your blessings that "good" Mexican food is but a good nights sleep away. I sometimes consider a plane ride to AZ just for some yummy cheesy goodness! No joke! Eat an extra order of enchiladas for me, okay?

Cakespy said...

I say what the baby wants, the baby gets. Happy Holidays! :-)

WendyB said...

Please get me a beef burrito.

Monika said...

Where ever did you find that clip?
QUESTION. Doesn't Austin work at Cravings? Where is he at a time like this? Would you like me to bring you some delish Mex to your work? THere is a place up the road from your work on Country CLub and Main called "Blue Adobe." It is kinda pricey but well worth it and the portion sizes are BIG! Let me know . . . I would love to help!

Some Goofy Woman said...

Mexican is my favorite food. However, methinks it's salt you crave, not grease. After eating goooood Mexican (Ameri-Mex) food I always thirst for miles. So does my daughter. This wasn't funny, so I hope it was informative.

Taco flavored keeses for my Ben!

That's what she said.


Mom of 3 boys said...

MMMMMMMMMM, Mexican food sounds really really good right now...make your hubby go get you some...just eat some for me too!!!!

Leonesse said...

Oh no you didn't. No. I miss Filiberto's. I miss, miss, miss it. Mmmmm Filiberto's.

Lion King just drove 21 hours back from Phoenix. I bet he didn't even eat at Filiberto's. Jerk.

And Mexican was what I craved with my son. His dad said he was going to be born with a sombrero.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

drea: the plane ride is totally worth it!

cakespy: that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

wendy: um, my comment back to you is not family appropriate, therefore you will miss out on my humorous inapproriate play on words.

monika: it's time you knew, i am a die hard south park fan and know every episode by heart. you can think less of me if you want, but the heart wants what it wants. and mine wants cartman. yes austin works at cravings, but not that night. blue adobe! sooooo gooood, i love that place. we should meet there someday when i can be sweet. (not sweet this trimester)

AD: salt? huh, i wouldn't have connected that, but it's been on everything i've been eating. i really think you saved your comment from being too educational with the south park quote, whew! Oh ben you are so perfect, so spectacularrrr in every way, i love you ben, You almost make me forget about tacooooooooos.

kim: do you have your fill of snow and cold weather yet, whenever you get over that come down and lets have lunch! it's only a quick 40 hour drive or something.

leonesse: so i've not gotten into your archives yet, but please please please tell me your son's name is simba!? however i did read about lion king's return to the den and as i said before, I NEED those boots! If simba was born with a sombrero, i hope you had him c-section.