Tuesday, December 25, 2007

P.I.G. episode 2, act II

three things:

  1. Curt thinks my PIG banner is pornographic with the statue of britney spears in that nice labor pose. My comment to Curt is -it's not sexual in the least that is one way babies are born (not Ms. Spears who had c-sections which makes that statue all the more ironic).

  2. Remember the gift I could have sworn i got?
turns out i did get it as a favor to Grandma Char to save her a trip to that particular store on Black Friday. i handed it to her, she paid me, and i FORGOT. to quote my beautiful sister Megan "It's hard to be glamorous when you are dumb as a door nail".
i think that about sums it up.
Literary Genius and daughter much better picture

3. how is my nose that looks like skeletor"s butt? still disgusting! This is the only picture of me today (why can't I look like Megan????):

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

next episode: when a nap becomes a series of wishful comas.....


Megan said...

You are too good to me! dang I am hot!
Things to be happy about:
1. although you are not "flaky" you are efficient flaky... you got the present to the right place, just couldn't remember!
2. Making curt uncomfortable, in my book, is a bonus and very very easy
and 3. thank goodness Rhonda and I designed such a lovely cape for you to hide your practically perfect nose!

Curt said...

1. Thanks for sparing us a look at your nose (that makes me VERY uncomfortable)

2. Porn is porn, no matter how you slice it. There is a reason that "the way babies are born" is kept behind closed doors and not in front of other people's husband. IMHO

3. You are hot too-- when your nose doesn't look like it got attacked by leprosy. But, dang, if I can say it: Megan is hot.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

1. yes you are stating the obvious.
2. not as easy as i would like.
3. those capes are FANTASTIC!

1. "hey pot, it's the kettle, your black" (and no that was not racial humor that was ugly humor)
2. if you think the way babies are born is porn, you have some serious issues IMHO.
3. yes leprosy sucks, and so does your opinion of childbirth (for having a pregnant wife and HOT SISTER who is a Doula!)

Curt said...

Kettle here.

Ugly is in this season-- I'm going with it.

I think nudity displayed on a bear rug is porn-- and nudity on a birthing table without a public audience is not. Let's just say that I don't want to see your birthing pictures (and I don't think you wanted me to, either).

My hot wife's birthing pictures will be limited to before and after shots. Unless she contracted leprosy today: then we will put the camera away for a season and bring it back after she bathes in the Jordan 7 times...