Tuesday, February 12, 2008

p.i.g.- 12 week dr. appt

i went to my 12 week doctors appt yesterday. (i get to keep my clothes ON for the next several visits!!!!! yipeeee)
we heard the heartbeat, i only gained one pound, blood pressure good, peed in a cup... all the usual stuff you get to do with the nurse before the doctor gets there.
when the doctor came in he applauded my one pound weight gain (which is AMAZING since the only thing avaliable when i go into the "most ravenous hunger ever felt mode" is horrible fast food. what kind of metabolism does this thing in me have going?? and can it keep it up??)
so before i leave the doctor says "you know it's good that we heard the heartbeat. it is a very important aspect that is often taken for granted. 95% of babies that you can hear the heartbeat at this point in the pregnancy make it".
what the??? i didn't realize anyone was questioning "making it"? how about keeping your stats to yourself in the future, doc?!


Mom of 3 boys said...

So when do we find out if it is a boy or girl????

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

oh sorry.... duh (you don't know how empty the space between my ears is!!!)

at the 20 week ultrasound... still 2 months away. sucks, i know!

Megan said...

fire your doc... on your blog. that would be awesome. you could send him an e-mail... Take a look at my blog. then "YOUR FIRED! come back soon and don't forget to comment!"

Sarah said...

okay, no bedside manner what so ever. who is this quack and remind me not to ever go to this inconsiderate person. the last thing a mother wants to hear, even if it is true.

Becky said...

Tell yo' doctor to suck it!! How rude.

I know I'm late to the whole "stop-lurking-on-my-blog-dammit" thing, but better late than never. So, hi! I am a fellow preggo and love reading your P.I.G. installments (pig crap? Fantastic!). My doctor hasn't talked to me about the kid "making it," but he never fails to say something douchey like "Yes, you're definitely pregnant!" every time I go in. Lovely.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Once the doctor told me "this is why we don't give pregnant women little buttons to press and go into labor" when I said I was ready to see my baby. I wanted to punch him.