Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess

Tonight was Makayla's birthday dinner and Papa and Grandma's house.

Great Grandma Kempton came to dinner too! She brought EVERYONE presents! We all got her new line of beach towel blankets!


Megan said...

I was almost starting to think we were being mean to curt but then he commented on my blog and I think I am pretty much over feeling bad! I am calling him out on all those supposed things he can do. I don't think he really is ambidextrious, and I think the nunchucks, bow hunting and computer hacking are all from a movie.... I've never seen any of these so called talents. plus did we mention it was MAKAYLA's birthday!
It was fun having great grandma Kempton there and the great blankets!

Kim said...

I'm jealous, when do I get to see the new line? Happy Birthday Makayla!

Rhonda said...

Do you really there's a possibility that our playful teasing could be misconstrued as mean? I think he just enjoys the attention. his world it's all good. Although I think that Dr. Phil would probably note that he took those photographs of himself. Perhaps that is actually how he sees himself. Maybe this whole gigantically arrogant ego thing is all an act, to cover up the fact that deep down indide he's still the sad and insecure little boy who ate mud just because his sisters told him to.

Andrea said...

What a PRETTY little girl! I can see the Kempton in her.

----Happy Birthday to Makayla----