Sunday, August 5, 2007

nothing in particular- I can't believe anyone would read this

I feel bad that I haven't had anything substantial or of any value to add to the world of blogging. It's not that I haven't tried, I have.

I could write about how Dave just emptied all the trash cans, and that might be the hottest thing I've seen in a while. But I don't think anyone but me cares.

I could go into detail about snapping my wrist this week, and it seems to be getting worse by the day, but who wants to hear me whine.

I could bore you with details of Trim Time; our new uniforms (which mainly consist of a t-shirt, name tag, and close toed shoes. Paperwork is boring but coming along nicely. I have an org chart that has my name in way too many positions. We did hire a new part time bather, he is very nice and very respectful of me and the animals, I'm sure he will make a great addition to our team. is up, email is non-existent. Don't think that is interesting to anyone.

Jocie has had a lot of home time since Dave started his new schedule.

We don't have any of the same days off together, but she has one of us home with her every day. I think she is sick of being an only child. She loves attention from perfect strangers, and hugs the neighborhood kids for dear life when she sees them. I'm not sure where she gets that macaroni and cheese is the best food on earth? Well, I share the same opinion, but....

Even the dogs are completly bored with us!

We have all switched to Dave's schedule a little. I don't go to bed at night, and then when Dave get's home he convinces me that ice cream would be good, and it "doesn't count" as food or calories. We have an ice cream problem.

I finished Harry Potter and Dave is about half way. I loved it and that it was a wonderful ending for the series. Of course I always gave JK credit for the story line and world that she had created, but it wasn't till this last book that I realized her genius in having everything in detail planned since book one. She sure can tell a story, even if at times it is hard for me to handle. I hope she writes more in the future.

For the last few months I have been trying to keep finances in order and cutting costs where I could. In instances like this, retail therapy is usually the best way to deal. Unfortunately a purse would not help the situation so much. So I have taken out my spending at the grocery store. My favorite thing of the week is getting the grocery store ads, scoping out the stores and bringing home the bargins. My FAVORITE part is when they tell you how much you saved! My goal is always to save more than I spent, but that doesn't always work. Dave doesn't quite understand that this is all in the name of having a year's supply, he just thinks I have a cold cereal obsession. He really may have something there too.

It is so hot outside that the garden is.... well not good. There will be a lot of dead plants going beck to Home Depot and Walmart that didn't survive. We will try again in the fall.

I miss seeing Kim a few times a week. I think Jocie does too, she misses her Wes and Sis. Jojo has taken very maternally to her blue baby.

We are heading into "birthday season", August and September are crazy!!! It's time to get out the cards and start writting. (oh I found a website I LOVE - it reminds you!!!)

I think that's it, boring but we can't all be exciting ALL THE TIME!
"my updo" compliments of Austin bored at work


Curt said...

I love the uniforms and the e-mything I'm hearing, but why didn't your computer guy set up the email too?

It sounds like your boring life is RIGHT ON PAR WITH MINE! We should see if we could market our lifestyle (entrepreneur joke).

Rhonda said...

Love the uniforms. I understand the cold cereal,add shopping thing. We have some un happy plants too. My husband missed the garbage man this week:(
I think we need a vacation... Oh wait I guess I just... No, I need another one. I loved coming home to the food fairy. I STILL haven't had to go to the store!

Rachel said...

You just glossed over something potentially major: What happened to your wrist?? Are you okay? Is your arm about to fall off, is anything broken,is it carpal tunnel? We could use a few more details here...I hope your wrist feels better soon!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

ah you are so sweet Rachel, I don't know what it is. It's not broken, it goes from uncomfortable to painful. I'm just thankful for making it through a 14 dog day yesterday!

Wow Rhonda, your food fairy must rock. AND you have Reeses puff's raincheck!

Curt, we are serious dorks when we can share entrepreneurial humor. I think there are some celebrities out there that could learn something from our "boring" lives.

Honestly I never thought of the email thing till it was over, and I'm not sure how to incorporate one more email address in my life.

Megan said...

I love your boring life! if only we would've gone out last night then you would have something to blog about. dang sick kid! (don't worry it is coming out the other end now and not in a happy way) So sorry about the wrist! the food fairy is a happy thing. I wish our girls weekend was sooner. you and curt really are dorks!

Kim said...

We are missing Jojo too. Wes just isn't the same without her. Sagegot the stomach flu tonight. I gotta say it's nice knowing I don't have to call you and tell you the bad news.

Andrea said...

Your "boring life” was so interesting to read about! (No, I'm not being sarcastic.) You’re so funny and have such a way with words. :0)

I just read the last H.P. book as well and I am, once again, in awe of J.K.R. Amazing!

Sorry about the wrist. Heal soon!

Andrea M.

Alid said...

Hey there! Thanks for dinner, it was great to see you! Jocie is FAB, she cracked me up! Christian and Jadyn are an item now... ha ha! I will push you to get together again - with or without the kids! See ya soon!
Love - Alid