Thursday, August 30, 2007

my dearest chop liver,

It has been so long since I have seen you.

Although my last vision of you was holding a Diet Dr. Pepper FOR ME - and what a vision it was!

I don't like that you are a working man, I miss you. Can you come back to working for me??? We never get to hang out, or talk, you never spend the night anymore, or go on dates with me.

Of course I understand you work, go to school, are in the top percentile of your class, are in school plays, have church callings, perform random acts of kindness and beauty. I just wanna be part of your schedule again. We've been working together since you were 12, and now next month you will be 18 (crap here come the tears again). I didn't realize how big the niche in my life is, that you fill.

Are these pangs of withdraws?? Am I mentally trying to prepare for next year?? Although we have lived in separate households for most of your life, I have always had a strong bond with you. I loved taking you places when I was in high school because people always assumed you were mine. And in a way, I think you are. It is true of all your siblings, AND we don't like to share you!!! Especially not with each other!!!

You are my weakness (and you know it) when it comes to spoiling you. I love shopping for you, giving and doing for you. I always have. It amazes me that you can handle to be the youngest and be spoiled by most around you, yet have such a STRONG work ethic and be respectful of those you interact with, and prioritize all your responsibilities (which are many). I'm so proud of you for earning your Eagle this year, I know it wasn't easy but you took the jobs and stress in stride.

We have also been hard on you, 3 sisters first of all isn't easy for anybody. You have not rebelled against us, you have embraced us and learned and taken notes. You know more about women than any man under 50 probably should, and it has made you a more sympathetic and patient man. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be the most amazing husband and father someday. I also know that you have the ability to go very far in life and be extremely successful. You ask questions that I have just started asking myself.

I love you more than you know, and want the best for you always.

your adoring sister,



Megan said...

man I read your blog to laugh and I end up crying! He is such a good kid isn't he!

Curt said...

Austin is the man! I think you covered all of the main highlights. Austin is good beyond measure. I missed you last night

Austin Kempton said...

You guys are awesome. I love you all so much.
Jennifer: my sister, mother, boss and friend, I miss you so much. More than you know. You have always been a huge part in my life. You do spoil me, but those aren't the things that make me appreciate you so much. I love my new job (beats anal glands) but I do miss the good times that I get when I work for you. You have helped me with everything I try. I know that you are always there and I appreciate that.
Even though I have my dumb moments (must run in the y-chromosome of our family) I'm glad that you always forgive me and continue to love me. Thank you for all you do. I love you so much.
By the way I think I have a sleeping disorder.

Austin Kempton said...
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Rhonda said...

Why is he wet in all of the pictures you posted? You were using the water to trigger our sub-concious and make us CRY right? Well not me,I just want to get him a towel. OK maybe ONE little tear squeezed out, but did you have to put in the bit about him getting so old? How could I resist the sappy sentiment that naturally surges up when I think of our little Baby Austin turning 18?

Andrea said...

This is such a touching post! I don't remember your little brother but I'm touched by the amount of love and affection you so willingly express to him. That's the kind of relationship I want with my siblings. What a lucky guy.