Monday, August 13, 2007

it's the middle of the night, seems like a good time to post a blog

What in the world do I have to talk about, I'm even more boring this week than last week!!! That is scary.

My highlight is my new purse oh I'm sorry "handbag", I'm trying to sound classier. (regularly $89 Kathy Van something or other, I got it for $22! I'm a sucker for a marked down purse!)

All my siblings have had exciting weeks -
Meg's family has been sick, well,

sick and now I hope well (did I mention she is watching Rhonda's boys 3 days a week and now Dave will be dropping off Jojo at nap time on Friday's till I get off work? She must be CRAZY).

I was Rhonda's back up #3 after she dropped Jake off to school. (Chad was in a meeting and Mom was unavailable - maybe Makayla is right???). She had a hard time, and I was glad she called me, it's nice to feel needed.

Curt has had his ego pumped full of steroids, so we are all laying low till his head deflates. He is having a contest to name his new software. I'm gonna need sometime (maybe when the sun is out) to think about that. I am on as I type getting ready to buy Curt's new book recommendation. He's kinda like Oprah, but... um.... different.

Our little bro Austin, who has been my right hand man at work (when ever I can get him) has started a job closer to home at
Cravings in Queen Creek. He is a server, and I'm sure he is pulling down some nice tips now that he is reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People"! If you go in there, ask to be seated in hottie Austin's section!

We didn't go to family dinner on Thursday, it was Barbara's birthday. Jane and I took her to dinner at BJ's (their GREAT WHITE PIZZA <> is to DIE FOR). I think she said she was 25, huh?

Business hasn't picked up yet, so I also need to take Curt's advice and get my plans in gear while I have time.

Dave is home now. Good night!

Have a Great Week!!!!


Megan said...

It is amazing how competent you are in blogging in the middle of the night. Whenever I try to blog when the sun isn't out I get asked If I am on crack cause no one knows what the heck I am saying.... Okay sometimes I have the same problem when the sun is out!
Thanks for the shout out! I am crazy. Rhonda and Nienie are having the same problem. Curtis ego is quite large and Austin IS a hottie. Love Cravings mmmmm!
You however act as though your life is so boring but you are always doing fun stuff!

Kim said...

I love how your living vicariously this week through your siblings. Nights are boring without a husband at home, huh? Ben is gone every Wednesday night, we could get the rugrats together and play.

Curt said...

Big Ego?! I have no idea what you mean.

So, Austin is winning friends and influencing people to pull out their wallets? That's my boy. I think he genuinely wants to be a good guy, that's what's scary about him and Stephen reading these books at this age, they are going to be such top-notch people that they may not associate with us anymore.

Oprah? I'm not a SBW, but my skin tee-shirt is proof enough that I'm not S, B, or a W. oh well.

I hope you got some quality time in with that Dave character. Is he still sporting that handlebar mustache trying to start a kids' summer camp "camp troubled eagle" I think was the name...

Anyhow, you will always be the 1st person I call when I need my kid picked up if it makes you feel any better. And, speaking of things being slow work-wise, I have had lots to keep me busy (that aren't directly flowing any cash if you know what I mean) We gotta talk.

Curt said...

oh and the purse. I assume that's a good deal. How does Coco feel about that? I think my calves look better than that purse though. I mean, really. Can you post a picture of my calves next to it and get a feel for what your readers think? And in case you are wondering... I don't need any praise. I have a self-inflating ego. I gotta find out where that air-release is... I'm off to go find it.

Andrea said...

I have a purse fetish. You could have put just about anything next to it and I would have had to vote for the purse! Nice calves though.

The Mexican food looks sooooo good! Utah, honestly, has no idea what good Mexican food is. I have eaten at every Mex restaurant I have found and YUCK! I miss AZ and I dream about Matta's in downtown Mesa on Main Street. Count your restaurant blessings!

Your life seems pretty full. It would be nice to have so much family around. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog!

Curt said...

What did she say about those calves? I like Andrea. You know, you can still change your vote. With all of that good taste, you could put your vote toward a beautiful work of human creation.

...But that's just my humble opinion.

Rachel said...


Andrea said...

Okay, you all are a RIOT!!! Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff! I laugh out loud at some of the things your family says.