Friday, August 31, 2007

never say "hate"

ok then I will say:
I strongly dislike people who steal.

It is low and very rude. It is invading and disrespectful. Do people that steal just "ASSUME" that "their insurance will pay for it, so it doesn't matter"? Or that they are a victim and therefore more deserving of an item.

Well my friend,

1.) I'm guessing YOU don't pay insurance, because if you did you would know that insurance rates SUCK because of punks like you!

2.) Insurance doesn't give you back your sense of security when your belongings have been gone through.

3.) When you steal it involves the lives of innocent people that are just doing their job, or living their lives. These people WORK FOR THINGS, I know it's a strange concept -

One of our local schools was broken into last night. How low are you to break into a school??? Is that equally as bad as robbing a church?

It was not a very joyful morning for the office that was broken into.

I am sorry to those that have been impacted negatively by other human beings who feel they are above the law, or common decency. We are so thankful to live in America and be free to do what we please. Fortunately this freedom comes with consequences.

I'm sure the only people reading this are law abiding citizens and that I haven't offended one thieving punk. Yes I'm venting, but let us all be aware of our circumstances and make sure we teach our children right from wrong.

When I was in elementary school I stole some straws from my teacher ( I know, who steals straws???) My mom found out and marched me down to the school to apologize to the teacher. I don't know how old I was, but to this day when I think back on the difficulty and shame of that situation it makes me a little sick. My parents taught me to respect others property, and that desiring something did not give me the right to own it. Things must be worked for and earned.

Thank you Mom and Dad for raising me in such an integrity rich environment to grow in! I love you and am thankful for all the lessons you taught me.

PS. people who steal suck!


Rhonda said...

p.p.s. I absolutely agree.

Megan said...


Charlene said...

You were only in first grade. I remember how hard it was for you and me. I loaded you and the other three children in the car and away we went. we all walked you to the door and you said you couldn't do it. I offered to go with you. I was holding baby Megan so I put my hand on your back and nudged you in. You had to do the rest. I grateful for a teacher that knew how to handle the situation. She got on her knees in front of you and just waited until you were done. She was very kind, but gave you the "I know you will never take something that doesn't belong to you again, and thank you for doing the right thing" and then a hug. I love you Jennifer. And I don't like people stealing from others either. It is a terrible feeling! I even had to throw my toothbrush away and I only got to use it once! What bums!

Kim said...

That was very well said. It reminded me of those email forwards you get occasionaly, of a well versed writer speaking thier mind about using God in school, the pledge of alligence or "In God We Trust" written on a coin. Nicely written.