Wednesday, September 24, 2008

finally: the reason for the "practically" in practically perfect

lets all agree that you've seen these little gems at the grocery store. they actually make your 3 year old princess DEMAND that they be sitting for the grocery experience, yeah big bulky weird car thing - right?! (you can't SEE the germs in the picture, but they are there!)

so cart loaded with bags of groceries (paid for of course - no, not by food stamps yet, we are holding out on registering for those till the recession gets really good! fingers crossed {sarcastically})

anyways, I have my sleeping bundle in his carrier and we are making our way into the parking lot, realizing I just took two kids to the grocery store, I'm really a Kick-A mom.... when out of my peripheral hearing (yes when you are nursing and sleep deprived you get "peripheral hearing") i hear in a very familiar voice coming from way behind me "mommy mommy mommy!" - hu, that's weird, it sounds an awful lot like the princess who is sitting in the big germ infested car on the front of this cart. I turn around anyway to see, if this princess found her mommy. Yep, she did - ME.

I don't know at what point during the check out process she ditched the germ machine, but there she was, not with me - with the bagger from my checkout line. now before you call CPS the RSVcoach does not have airbags or a rear window for me to see the passengers.

let this be a lesson to all, if you can't hear crying, whining, screaming, pouting, breaking, snoring, scratching or puking - something is wrong- check the kids!

and in the book of Mary Poppins: if you loose even one little child at the grocery store, you are not yet perfect, but you may keep trying.
and trying.

and try a little more.


WendyB said...

Isn't that why you have two kids? In case you misplace one?

Aprilyn said...

One time I had 2 boys in that cart. No, not my 2. Marshall and his best buddy, Joseph. Marshall was leaning out the side, Joseph was leaning out the windshield area. They were both howling and saying "I'm a werewolf!" Marshall copied Joseph but Joseph got it because his Mom likes Twilight. I LOVE IT!

Megan said...

RSV coach.... I nearly pee'd myself

the princess said...

that's hilarious. sorry to laugh at your expense, but there's something in what you said about not hearing the child noise. that's always when i stop in my tracks and start to question what they're up to. when it's calm and quiet.

Mom of 3 boys said...

Try 3 kids..boys at that..hate to tell ya..but it only gets better...(hahahaha) I mean worse...hang in there....they grow up fast.

Andrea said...

So appropriate...the germ machine!
I absolutely HATE driving the SUV's of shopping carts. I always leave feeling like I've been lifting weights. Yuck! I want groceries not a workout.

Glad you found your wayward child!