Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad

This is the letter in my email inbox when I got up this morning....
Dear Children,
Our eternal family started 37 years ago today. Thank you for coming to us. Our family wouldn't be complete without YOU. We love you oh, so very much! We can't imagine heaven being heaven without one of you, including your sweetheart and darling children. Our family means the world to us.

Eternal love to all of you and ones to still come.
Mom and Dad
I love you too Mom and Dad, thank you for the sweet letter, and putting up with your crazy children and still loving us despite it!


Andrea said...

Love the classic picture!

Sarah said...

i love that!!! that was awesome-- thanks for sharing

the princess said...

that's really beautiful...and you do look like her as well. that was a very uplifting letter. yay for you guys!