Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bad electronic karma

do you remember this post from last Christmas, or how about this recent mention ?

I've known for a while, that somehow i have offended the powers that be of the electronic world. Meaning: if it is powered by batteries or a cord - the sheer touch of my fingers can make it short circuit and render itself useless. FOREVER.

I have decided to document the "electronic state of our union":

  1. you know about our camera. well I've had to go back to "stupid camera". I'm trying to not show my pure hate for it since it's the best I got.

  2. our 2005 side by side stainless refrigerator: ice machine stopped working a few months ago. no reason, just stopped.

  3. our DirecTV DVR: we finally got sick of begging them to fix it, canceled our service. not sure about the new guys yet.

  4. DVD/VHS player (in our bedroom): the DVD player just stopped working, don't worry the VHS is fine - common phrases you hear at our house "HOLD ON, we have to wait for it to rewind" or "no honey we can't watch the round movies, only the big movies"

  5. Lets move on to the family room where Dave's 500 inch LCD (i think) HD TV sits (a 2006 purchase, which I refused to pay the multiy hundred dollar waranty for... ) it was wonderful to watch football (yuck), or tennis (better), or perhaps watch him play endless hours of Xbox (also broken - yeah! oh wait, I didn't mean that... yes I did) on. Well good news the TV only stopped working on the 2 HD outlets. Bad news, those are the ONLY useful outlets. NO TV, check. don't worry the DVD player that goes to it works, but alas it is HD and is useless where it sits.

  6. Now lets go to the kitchen/playroom. Jojo's tv works fine! but the DVD player is broken. damn.

  7. computer in the hallway, been broken most of the year, Dave fixed it! YEAH! one week later when we changed internet/cable companys, it didn't get hooked up. lame.

  8. my laptop, (2007 purchase) will only turn on when it feels like it. useful, hu?

  9. sprinkler system, yes you wouldn't think that is "electronic" but the timer is. Which can only be understood by a professional. Problem is, professionals say they will "stop by to look at it"..... you get the idea.

  10. washing machine (2005 purchase) sounds like a turbine engine when it is in the spin cycle. at least it only has to spin, EVERY LOAD!

  11. did I forget anything.... oh both of our cars. In the last year we have had a new AC motor, transmission something or other, new clutch, and a bunch of other piddly crap that all amounts to thousands of $$$. Don't worry, if my AC won't turn on in my car, my mechanic showed me "where to hit it with a hammer" till I'm ready to pay for a new doo-hickie to fix it! Thanks Howard, you know I love you from the bottom of my brake pads (which have a lifetime warranty thanks to YOU!)!

I know I'm forgetting something.... oh my brain, nope that runs on these , or these, possibly these too- whew, not electric!



Yakko Warner said...

Erm, actually, the brain works by transmitting electrical impulses from neuron to neuron, so, uh, technically, it is electric...

Just sayin'...

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

smart ass...

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...
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Yakko Warner said...

I've been called worse. ;)

Heck, I play videogames online; I get called worse on a regular basis. :)