Saturday, November 3, 2007

halloween, painting and exhastion in no particular order

it's been an extremely long week.... no month.
we are all fine.
work is good.
the house is "almost there".
and we are thankful for every minute we get together as a family.

Halloween was fun. Jocie didn't know what to expect, actually she didn't know what hit her except we got some visitors - which was exciting! Angelo and Sil came and hung out on the driveway with us and helped us hand out candy and entertain us! Got to see the quads post trick or treat - prebedtime. They were adorable but exhausted.....

I have to say I'm with them!!

** witch kisses**


Megan said...

you look awesome with blue hair. I think you should consider it full time.
Jocie looked adorable... as always and I love the curl in her hair. Is she doing dishes? do you have to pay her? could I pay her?

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

no silly, that isn't doing dishes, it's helping with paint prep, and you don't need to pay her for that. she will "decorate/destroy" at no cost to you!

Kim said...

your house looks great!! Painting with kids is tricky, I've done it too much. It either involves lots of paint spills and mess ups, or it involves a closed door with fume inhaltion. We have tried both, I have no recomendations.