Sunday, November 4, 2007

sister suffragette

the day has come.
this morning we watched Mary Poppins together as a family for the first time. It was delightful as always, of course.

although I always take careful note of every Mary move, today I was struck by Mrs. Banks' spunky suffragette movement. With the 2008 election upon us I wanted to pay tribute to our great grandmother's hard work that we have, and will continue to, benefit from.

(click picture)

we were preceded by so many wonderful women! after you read this pay tribute in your own way to a special woman in your life!


Megan said...

Hey I never knew what that song was really about... you know being 5 the last time I watched it and all. Thanks for the sing along

Kim said...

oooooo, I love the feminist in you coming out!

Kim said...
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Monika said...

Women's Right's, the 2008 election around the corner, Hillary Clinton running for office . . . are you telling us something? (I love Mary Poppins as well).

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I am trying to not bore you with my political opinions on my blog. I am the only democrat in a VERY republican family. We learned a long time ago not to discuss politics at the dinner table, or to reach under a bathroom stall door.
(go Hillary!- great now my dad just had a major heart attack. he feels about her the way I feel about president chaney, oops i mean bush)