Monday, November 26, 2007

a little light after dinner conversation

after dinner last night my brother Curt came down stairs with a book he found in the bathroom and wanted to know "who is reading His Dark Materials?"

the reader was not amongst the family left after dinner. this then spurred a conversation about the book. His Dark Materials is the Golden Compass trilogy. the movie will be coming out this holiday season.

so what's the big deal you ask???

(wikapedia link attached to picture)

a few of us received an email a month back about this exact book and movie and that it is based on anti-religious themes. now i am jaded, i don't believe ANYTHING i read in forwarded emails. i check my sources, usually Google it or go to (all urban legends, fact and fiction).

it was true, this book is written by an avid atheist and is designed to look similar to the Chronicles of Narnia but in fact is completely opposite in story meaning. i have not read the book but am linking here to the snopes website so that you may evaluate for yourself.

the fact is this is being played as a family movie and the book is being sold as a children's book. i am not one of those people that jump on the band wagon about witches and warlocks are evil, in fact I LOVE HARRY POTTER and feel it has very religious themes! i fully support the first amendment and have nothing to say about the existence of this book or movie, to each his own. i do however believe you should know the background and themes of the things we expose our children to.

since only a few of us had heard this info last night i though i might post some information that others may make educated decisions.


Molly has given us a post to her husband's blog, he wrote an article about this. It was a very good article with many good points it is called :If you boycott the Compass, boycott Narnia and Star Wars too. happy reasearch ;)


Andrea said...

Thank you so much for putting this on your blog! I too got an email about it's content and I did a little research of my own. As far as I have been able to tell, what we've heard about it is true and it seems they are being very sneaky about it's true content and the writers true intent in bringing this about as a harmless family movie. I remember seeing the first adds and thinking, "that looks like a cute movie".

Harry Potter it's not!

Molly said...

Sorry, I am going to have to give you a link to a more informed, and in depth post written by my husband on this topic, as at our house it is a heated one on the opposite end...

if that link doesn't work, I can paste in the post, but it was lengthy, so let me know. thx.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

thank you Molly, I appreciate a balanced view on anything.

Molly said...

I knew that since you are a liberal, and you understand reason and logic, I figured you wouldn't mind the reference. I just can't believe how many people will take a single email as gospel truth. OR that people will trust a single website to determine truth to less than open-minded emails. love ya.

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...


Aprilyn said...

I only know what I've heard from others on the movie. I too don't believe everything I read in emails. Actually, those emails that say FW. FW. FW. usually get deleted as they are not worth my time. Thanks for posting all this info. I think I'll research it myself. If we actually end up having TIME and desire to see a movie and that one looks appealing, I'll let you know what I think. If what I've heard about it is true, then we will simply sit down and discuss what we saw as a family. We never take our 3 yr old son to movies because he can't sit still and our 9 yr old son is old enough to know what's right and wrong but we'll still discuss it.

Monika said...

Thanks Jen. I appreciate your research. (I'm probably the one who sent you the e-mail).