Friday, November 9, 2007

new addiction

Hi my name is Jennifer and I have taken my "peeping tom" problem to a new level.

Did you know you can surf other people's blogs endlessly? Well after the cute girl (Elle Woods) in Austria commented on mine, I thought I should try that - ONCE WON'T HURT.

well one takes you to another and another. I've only commented on a few that I really liked or felt attached to from reading their blogs. But did you know how many there are? It's literally like listening in on a conversation or reading someone's journal. It feels intrusive, but I also feel it is innocent and I mean no harm. Who knows, friends could be made world wide.... well if they speak english (because I'm a "self centered american with no language education")

I guess this is the concept that myspace was based on, except I'm scared of myspace. It seems creepy.

So funny thing is, the few blogs that I've commented on I realized- I can't get back to them. There are too many, so if I leave a comment that's it I have no idea what they say back since I didn't save anything. i'm a dummy.

Oh ya I'm home today, I should be doing 10000 things, but here I am.

i'm the bloggest loser!


Kim said...

It sucks you in, and you can't stop. I rationalize it by thinking I might know someone and I will rekindle a relationhip but then it keeps going and going. It's dangerous.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I know hu?! i keep thinking if i start out with you gilbert girls blogs then i will make bffs again with long lost friends. oh well.

Jessica P. Wallin said...

Hey there, very funny and insightful blog! Thank you for finding mine and commenting as well. The blogosphere is endless, so I hope we'll see each other in Blogoland again. I'd be happy to trade links in each other's blogrolls if you'd like so we can keep up!