Friday, November 16, 2007

not tonight, i have a headache

what a let down.
we had a babysitter. we had a movie we AGREED on and a time.

a date, a real date, had been set in motion - on a Friday night. i'm sure you are saying "so what?" well WHAT is Dave has worked every Friday night since July so this is awesome!

without boring the crap out of you with details, i barely made it home and through the door before becoming a lump on the couch with an enormous head, sinus, jaw, teeth ache.

my husband is amazing, he went right to the kitchen, poured me a shot of Bazi, brought me 2 Advil and through closed eyes i heard him call Sylvia to cancel babysitting.

words can not possibly express the love i have for this man.

as i write this he is at the grocery store getting milk for breakfast in the morning and cookies and cream ice cream for me because "it doesn't count for calories and it will make your headache feel better."

I love love love you Dave!


Molly said...

how sweet. Don't you love it when your hubby takes care of you when you are sick? To me every time I think of the whole "in sickness and health" thing, and smile a little.

Curt said...

That is a real man.

Megan said...

He is Awesome! I bet your dogs don't do that stuff for you?

Molly said...

lol if I were 130lbs I wouldn't be concerned with my weight either way! Now when you hit 250lbs, thats time to be concerned! :)

Mystiqeye said...

See, some men know how to turn a bad thing into a good thing. Glad to know there are still a few good men left in this world. :)

Mom of 3 boys said...

Sounds like you have a great man...I am glad there are still a few of them in world...hope you feel better.

Aprilyn said...

Oh! That stinks you guys didn't get to go out. I hope you can take a raincheck. What a great husband!! I'm glad he is so good to you.

I decided you should be tagged so I can get to know you. Check out my blog for details. It's not the most recent blog because that one is my son's birthday tribute.

Andrea said...

What a lucky girl you are to have such a thoughtful husband. I have learned from life (before I met my Prince Charming) that these men aren't granted to just anyone. Only the lucky ones find men who will buy them ice cream, cancel the babysitter and be understanding about an anticipated "date night". Way to go Dave! That's all a girl really needs.

P.S. I frequent WedMD and don't know what I'd do without it!

Donna said...

My Uncle rocks!